Max and Moritz

Jan Koetsier (1911 – 2006)

Dramatised 'cushion concert', based on a picture book by Wilhelm Busch with 3 trombones and tuba; First performed 1993; Premiered at the Deutsche Oper Berlin on 25. May, 2013
Aged 4 and over





3 trombones and a tuba accompanies us as we enjoy the famous tale of the two scallywags' seven boyish pranks. We hear the frantic flapping of Widow Bolte's chickens, which we then steal from her frying pan using a fishing rod. Tailor Böck, Teacher Lämpel Uncle Fritz and Master Baker, too, all fall victim to Max and Moritz until finally - with a "Rickeracke!" Rickeracke!" - the pair are fed into Master Müller's mill and the rascals are no more! The kids are guaranteed a great concert experience and, sitting on their cushions right in front of the musicians, will soon know how a trombone works.