Opera Lounge: Wobblies and whackos!

Musical theatre for late-night culture enthusiasts





Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown; men on the rampage… There comes a point in the majority of operas when at least one character …kind of …loses it. This time the Opera Lounge explores psychological meltdowns and makes an in-depth study of madness in opera.

No orchestra pit here and no curtain in red plush. Instead visitors can expect a lounge atmosphere and cold beverages at the bar. Newcomers on the art scene and members of the Deutsche Oper Ensemble present a revue featuring musical titbits unconstrained by genre boundaries. The evening is interspersed with offerings from the turntable until a DJ takes charge completely later in the night. So leave your dinner jacket at home and come and chill the night away with us.

The Opera Lounge is supported by Mercedes Benz