Symposion: The future of opera

A symposium on the current state of repertory opera

in association with the three stagings of “Così fan tutte”





A symposium on the current state of repertory opera and the avenues open to it. In association with the three productions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's COSÌ FAN TUTTE in the Tischlerei.
What forms can musical theatre take in the 21st century? What does the staging of an opera involve? Does our preoccupation with the classical canon of values even count as art in the first place? And what concepts of art are espoused by the other artistic disciplines? Such themes, theories and questions are the subject of a 4-day symposium of podium discussions and talks featuring theorists, journalists and artists representing the full gamut of genres.

Participants include: Dirk Baecker, Sybille Berg, Barbara Beyer, Aviel Cahn, Giordano Ferrari, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Dorothea Hartmann, Carl Hegemann, David Hermann, Marc Jimenez, Navid Kermani, Tilmann Knabe, Susanne Kogler, Doris Kolesch, Klaus Lang, Christine Lemke-Matwey, Nicos Ligouris, Jonathan Meese, Barbara Mundel, Vera Nemirova, Pia Palme, Clemens Risi, Dörte Schmidt, Dietmar Schwarz, Elisabeth Stöppler, Meg Stuart, Benedikt von Peter, Klaus Zehelein, Ulrich Ruhnke et al.

15 – 18h / Thema: Kunst und Gesellschaft (in German language)
With Dirk Baecker, Carl Hegemann, Navid Kermani, Tilman Knabe / Moderation: Christine Lemke-Matwey

19h / Genera rehearsal „Così fan tutte III“, Tischlerei

10 – 13h / Thema: Die Stimme (in German language)
With Giordano Ferrari, Christine Lemke-Matwey / Moderation: Roman Lemberg

14.30 – 16.30h / Thema: Die Regie (in German language)
With David Hermann, Vera Nemirova, Elisabeth Stöppler, Benedikt von Peter u.a. / Moderation: Barbara Beyer

19h / Premiere „Così fan tutte I“

10 – 13h / Thema: Die Theorie und die Darstellenden Künste (in German language)
With Erika Fischer-Lichte, Dörte Schmidt, Matthias Rebstock / Moderation: Susanne Kogler

14.30 – 16.30h / Thema: Die Kunst (in German language)
With Klaus Lang, Nicos Ligouris, Jonathan Meese, Pia Palme, Meg Stuart / Moderation: Erika Fischer-Lichte

19h / Premiere „Così fan tutte II“

11h / Thema: Die Oper in der Gesellschaft (in German language)
With Aviel Cahn, Dorothea Hartmann, Barbara Mundel, Dietmar Schwarz
Moderation: Ulrich Ruhnke

19h / Premiere „Così fan tutte III“

Three young directorial teams stage Mozart's COSÌ FAN TUTTE

A guest production of the University of the Arts Graz.
Subsidised by the Austrian FWF [Scientific Research Fund]
In partnership with Aventis Foundation, Universität der Künste, Deutsche Bank Stiftung