By students and teachers

4th concert in the Tischlerei

Four composers and their interrelationship





Mezzosoprano Jana Kurucová
Choreographer, Dancer Oren Lazovski
Violin Elisabeth Heise-Glaß
Violin Magdalena Makowska
Viola Manon Gerhardt
Viola Youngdo Kim
Violoncello Arthur Hornig
Double Bass Christoph Langhammer
Flute Eric Kirchhoff
Harp Maria Smirnova
Trumpet Martin Wagemann
Percussion Benedikt Leithner
Oboe N. N.




“His music really grates with me. He’s the first composer I’ve met where, when I read the score, I can’t hear the music in my head. But that’s unimportant. The future belongs to this boy, not to me.” Such was the comment of Alexander Glazunov, Head of the St Petersburg Conservatory at the time, on the young Dmitri Shostakovich, whom he assisted financially more than once.

Here we have an evening of music whose aim is to recall the musical tradition that spawned Shostakovich, chart his quest for his own musical voice and illuminate the conditions under which he made his way as a composer and teacher in Stalinist Russia. The concert will feature complex works of chamber music by Shostakovich and his students Sofia Gubaidulina and Galina Ustvolskaya as well as an adaptation of one of Shostakovich’s best-known film scores.


Alexander Glasunov (1862 – 1934)
5 Novelettes op. 15 for string quartet

Dmitry Shostakovich (1906 – 1975)
String quartet No 10

Sofia Gubaidulina (*1931)
„The garden of joy and sorrow“ for flute, viola, harp and speaker
„Gallows Songs“ for mezzosoprano, flute, accordion, percussion and double bass

Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006)
Symphony No. 5 for oboe, trumpet, tuba, violin, percussion and speaker

Dmitry Shostakovich
Suite op. 97 a (Film Music from „the gadfly“)

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