Krzysztof Penderecki zum 80. Geburtstag

Tischlereiconcert special





Kwartet Polski der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Violin Tomasz Tomaszewski
Violin Piotr Prysiaznik
Viola Sebastian Sokol
Violoncello Katarzyna Polonek
Weitere Musiker des Orchesters der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Clarinet Luisa Lohmann
Violoncello Arthur Hornig
Violoncello Claudio Corbach
Violoncello Dorota Imielowska
Violoncello Lukasz Pawlikowski
Viola Claude Lelong
Violoncello Gabriel Schwabe
Violoncello Catalin Ilea
Violoncello Luise von Schweinitz
Violoncello Guy Tuneh
Accordeon Klaudiusz Baran
Moderation Jörg Siepermann




For over 50 years Krzysztof Penderecki has been ranked as one of the outstanding composers of Europe. His piece for strings, “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” (1960), was, for a long time, one of the most performed works of contemporary music for orchestra. A member of the avant-garde associated with Donaueschingen and Darmstadt, Penderecki has always included in his work elements that jar with the smooth formalism of the times. His “St Luke Passion” (1966) and his first work of opera, THE DEVILS OF LOUDON (1969), appeal to a public composed of listeners and spectators alike. His second and third operas, PARADISE LOST (1978) and THE BLACK MASK (1986), confirmed Penderecki's status once and for all as one of the great composers of the modern era.

On the instigation of a group of Polish musicians in the Orchestra, led by orchestra leader Tomasz Tomaszewski, the Deutsche Oper Berlin is mounting a special chamber concert on the composer's 80th birthday. The programme will feature excerpts from pieces by Penderecki and four works written for the occasion by friends and pupils of the composer - Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa, Adam Walaciński, Paweł Sydor and Maciej Negrey. The concert will include “Cappricio for Siegfried Palm”, a piece written by Penderecki in 1968 for the very cellist who was later to spend five years as Intendant of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The concert is a joint production with the European Forum for Polish Music.

1st part – Works by Krzysztof Penderecki
String quartet No 3 (2008)

Cadenza per viola sola (1984)

Quartet for clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello (1993)

String trio (1990-1991)

Capriccio per Siegfried Palm for violoncello solo (1968)

„Agnus Dei“ from Polnischen Requiem (1980), for 8 violoncelli (2007)

2nd part – Works written for the occasion by friends and pupils of the composer
Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa (*1949), Katowice
String quartet

Adam Walaciński (*1928), Kraków
String Trio

Paweł Sydor (*1970), Kraków
Composition for violin, viola, violoncello and accordeon

Piotr Moss (*1949)
Dédicace V

Maciej Negrey (*1953), Kraków
Composition for 2 violoncelli