3rd concert in the Tischlerei

Musicians play their favourite pieces





This concert is an opportunity for musicians of the Orchestra to play pieces of music that they are particularly attached to or have always wanted to play, free of any thematic constraints. Some of the works performed satisfy deep, personal longings in one or more of our professional instrumentalists. They can range from popular pieces in the classic, romantic repertoire to works that hardly ever make it onto the programme because an unusual ensemble is required or the composer is not well known.


Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856)
Piano quintet in E flat-Major op. 44

Charles-Auguste de Bériot (1802 – 1870)
Duo No 1
from „Duos Concertants“ op. 57

Ignatz Waghalter (1881 – 1949)
String quartet op. 3 D-Major

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