The Recording

Matthew Herbert and Band

18. – 24. September, 2014
„Open Space“ in the Tischlerei
daily 16:30 to 22:00h

25. September, 2014

Should you decide to take an active part, you consent to Matthew Herbert using any resulting sound material for his compositions and also agree that recordings in which you have been involved may be used in the stated manner online, in CDs and possibly in the making of a documentary. If you do not consent to this, please refrain from taking part in the relevant activities and recordings during the event.

„The Recording Survival Kit“ als Download-PDF (in German language)





Ensemble Deutsche Oper Berlin Jana Kurucová (23.09.2014 | 25.09.2014)
Ensemble Deutsche Oper Berlin Ronnita Miller (23.09.2014 | 25.09.2014)
Ensemble Deutsche Oper Berlin Siobhan Stagg (23.09.2014 | 25.09.2014)
Ensemble Deutsche Oper Berlin Álvaro Zambrano (23.09.2014 | 25.09.2014)




In an age in which anyone can presume to be a composer and an unfathomable amount of music is produced every twenty-four hours, Matthew Herbert asks are we still connected to what we hear? The internationally acclaimed artist well-known for his uncompromising attitude towards music and its making invites the audience and special guests – musicians, theorists and politicians – to take part in a unique creative process. For seven days he and his band will be in residency in the Tischlerei, which will be turned into a functioning recording studio. Their goal: to compose, record, and mix an album from scratch in one week’s time.

The Recording – the process of recording as well as the final album itself – will be a unique collaboration with both the audience and the opera house. Together they will delve into the role music plays in our lives, both as entertainment and the often-dismissed idea of it as an agent for genuine social and political change and try to answer, in both a rhetorical and practical way, the increasingly relevant question: what can music do anymore?

The Tischlerei will become an Open Space for listening, exchange and creation. Matthew Herbert is thinking about the following settings: a lecture, a bar, a playground, a pure academic exploration, an engineering master-class, a hacker meeting, a concert, and a nightclub. The experience will oscillate from very intimate moments with strangers telling us a story, to something very celebratory with 200 people making a noise at the same time, or just listening quietly whilst the band work out what to do next. During the sessions, the band will generate a live-feed, so that audience members, who have a laptop with them, can make their own version.

Matthew Herbert invites the audience to take an active part in this special creation and celebrate with him and his band when it is finished with The Recording Record-Release-Party.

18th September, 2014
Prologue: Political Day

19th September, 2014
DAY ONE is Tools Day

20th September, 2014
DAY TWO is Music for Pleasure Day

21st September, 2014
DAY THREE is Science and Religion Day

22nd September, 2014
DAY FOUR is Music as Performance Day

23rd September, 2014
DAY FIVE is Singing Day

24th September, 2014
DAY SIX is Sound Day

25th September, 2014
ON THE 7th DAY is the CD Release Party

Kindly supported by Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin e. V.