In Transit

Eine Stückentwicklung von Eva-Maria Abelein, Lisa Däßler, Mischa Tangian und Sängern des Opernensembles
Uraufführung am 6. November 2014 in der Tischlerei der Deutschen Oper Berlin





Transit lounges are places for travellers on the way somewhere, for people passing through, spending a short period of time at rail stations and airports, in underpasses and or roadhouses. Halfway locations – or, as the philosopher Marc Augé describes them, non-locations.

Together with director Eva-Maria Abelein and composer Mischa Tangian the soloists of the Deutsche Oper Berlin explore the creative potential of transit lounges. Halfway locations generate flights of fancy and spawn melodies and rhythms. Individuals fall into conversation with strangers, go their separate ways. The transit lounge was only a stopgap, a fleeting phenomenon.

IN TRANSIT is an experimental piece with ensemble members in which anything goes except one thing – aria singing. Instead of that, the singers show off what they else they’re capable of: musicals, jazz, whistling, cooking, dancing, quilting, rapping, swinging..

Director Eva-Maria Abelein has been a stage director at the Deutsche Oper Berlin since 2012 and has directed her own productions including works for theatres in Passau, Erfurt and Bern. The young Russian composer and performer Mischa Tangian studied under Manfred Trojahn and George Benjamin. He has had international appearances as a violinist and is a regular collaborator with the breakdancer Airdit.

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