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Subscription – General information

Service number of our Subscription Office: +49 (30) 343 84 230

  • Subscription Office

    Address: Abonnement-Service der Deutschen Oper Berlin
    Götz-Friedrich-Platz, 10627 Berlin

    Hours: Mon. – Sat. (incl. public holidays): 11 am until 1,5 hours before the
    beginning of the performance. Open until 7 pm on days without performances.
    Sun.: 10 am to 2 pm.

    On 5 November, 24 and 31 December, 2017 the Subscription Office will be closed.

    Tel.: +49 (30) 343 84 230
    Postal address: Abonnement-Service der Deutschen Oper Berlin
    Postfach 10 02 80, 10562 Berlin
    Fax: +49 (30) 343 84 246
    Email: abo@deutscheoperberlin.de
    Internet: www.deutscheoperberlin.de

    U2 "Deutsche Oper",
    U7 "Bismarckstraße" (this station has lifts to street level)
    Bus 101, 109

  • Ordering Procedure

    Please use our official order form (in German) "Abonnements" (subscritions). Enter your preferred dates and seats for your subscription and send or fax the form to the Subscription Office, Deutsche Oper Berlin. Our staff are always happy to advise you and help you obtain the subscription that suits your requirements.

    Purchasing additional tickets: Should you wish to reserve tickets in addition to your subscription, you may purchase them at a 10% discount [subject to availability; does not apply to specially priced events or performances at the Staatsballett Berlin]. Please use the order form entitled „Extras und Zusatzkarten (“Extras and additional tickets").

    Paying for subscriptions: Payment must be made in full and in advance, by bank transfer or similar. Cash is not accepted.

    Our regular sales conditions apply.

  • Subscription Conditions

    1. General
    Season tickets for the Deutsche Oper Berlin are sold subject to the following conditions, which the subscriber agrees to when signing the season ticket form. Verbal agreements have no legal force.

     2. Scope of season tickets
    In their nature and scope, season tickets cover the relevant series of performances set out in the publications of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Unless stated otherwise, season ticket holders cannot reserve seats for external or special events, performances by the Staatsballett Berlin or performances with specially priced tickets. Each season ticket entitles the holder to one seat per performance.

     3. Season ticket agreement
    The Deutsche Oper Berlin offers seats to persons who, by signing the relevant form, enter into a legally binding agreement and become season ticket holders. The season ticket holder undertakes to use the allotted seat(s) for the duration of the season and is liable to the Deutsche Oper Berlin for the full price of the subscription. The season ticket holder consents to pay for admission to all the performances associated with the subscription. The price of tickets to performances not attended will not be reimbursed. Virtual vouchers for performances not attended become null and void at the end of the relevant season and cannot be extended into the next season. Each season ticket holder will be sent information relating to subscriptions and ticket prices prior to the opening of advance ticket sales for the next season.

    4. Seats and admission
    Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Seating requests will be considered, subject to availability.

    5. Season ticket prices / payment methods
    Season tickets are sold for specific series and classes of seat and at prices set out on the relevant price lists. The season ticket covers the entire season of performances and must be paid for in advance. Cash is not accepted.

    6. Rescheduling of performance dates
    Should the Deutsche Oper Berlin be compelled by unforeseen circumstances to cancel a particular performance covered by a season ticket at short notice, or change the performance, it reserves the right to reschedule the season ticket event and inform the season ticket holders in writing. Should season ticket seats be required due to the imperatives of a particular production or for other important reasons connected to the staging of the performance, the season ticket holder will be provided with tickets for alternative seats.

    7. Right to select alternative dates
    A season ticket holder is permitted to alter the dates of up to two attendances per series and season. Unless otherwise stated, alterations may only occur within a particular series of performances. The relevant season ticket must be presented to the subscriptions office not later than three working days prior to the date of the performance being changed. Possible exchanges relating to season tickets with fixed dates are as follows:
    All season tickets: A maximum of one alteration within the relevant subscription.

    8. Recruiting new subscribers
    For every new subscriber that you recruit you will receive a free ticket of your choice to performances in price class A, B or C, depending on the price group of your season ticket. Season ticket holders may not recruit themselves, nor does the free ticket apply to the recruitment of a subscriber sharing the same household.

    9. Additional tickets
    Should season ticket holders request tickets not covered by their subscription, these requests will be processed in the standard way and the tickets sold at the regular price, subject to availability. The Deutsche Oper Berlin can offer special rates for season ticket holders.

    10. Transfer of season ticket
    Season tickets are non-transferable.

    11. Place of performance
    Place of performance for all disputes arising from the season ticket agreement is Berlin-Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf.

  • Your Benefits as a Subscriber

    You have your own allocated seat and don’t have to queue.

    Discounted rates
    Season ticket holders pay up to 25% less per performance attended, when compared with standard ticket prices.

    Priority when buying tickets
    As a season ticket holder you need not wait until advance sales open on 27. March 2017 to buy tickets for any performances in the 2017/2018 season.

    Purchasing additional tickets
    Should you wish to buy tickets unrelated to your season ticket contingent, you will benefit from a 10% reduction on the standard price [subject to availability; does not apply to specially priced performances or performances by the Staatsballett Berlin]. Please use the order form „Extras und Zusatzkarten“.

    Information hot off the press
    Every month you will receive the detailed programme of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and other information free of charge in the post.

    Season ticket bonuses
    50% discount for the Symphony Concert at the Berlin Philharmony on 18. September 2017.

    Discounts in the Deutsches Theater: Season ticket holders will receive a 10% discount on a maximum of two tickets bought at the box office of the Deutsches Theater on presentation of their AboCard 2017/2018 or TreueCard.

    Special parking rates
    On presentation of your parking docket at the first cloakroom on the right you will be given an exit ticket for only €2.50. You can also order these in advance by filling out the attached order form „Extras und Zusatzkarten“. Due to building works involving the U-Bahn station outside the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the 270 parking spaces are often occupied an hour or more before the start of the performance. We recommend arriving early or using public transport. A season ticket does not entitle the holder to a parking space.

    Recruiting new subscribers
    For every new subscriber that you recruit you will receive a free ticket of your choice to performances in price classes A, B or C, depending on the price group of your season ticket. Season ticket holders may not recruit themselves.

  • LoyaltyCard

    Opera-goers who have bought at least nine tickets to nine different performances [incl. season ticket performances] in the 2017/2018 season are entitled to a free TreueCard. From the 10th attendance onwards the TreueCard gives holders a 30% discount on tickets in price classes A, B and C and a 10% discount on tickets in price classes D and E. Reductions do not apply to external or special events, performances by the Staatsballett Berlin or events with flat ticket prices or children’s rates. Please note that each TreueCard is linked to a particular individual and cannot be transferred. When applying for the card, please present the previous tickets bought and a passport photo [if obtaining a TreueCard for the first time].