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The power of art!

Where does power come from? Who determines who receives it? When is it sexy? When is it ugly? These are the types of questions that Elia Rediger is turning into an entire series of events. Reflection is the responsibility of the arts, Elia Rediger believe

Elia Rediger is a Swiss singer, artist, composer and director. In 2014 he was a guest at the Tischlerei for the production GILGAMESH MUST DIE! In the 2019/2020 season he is curating five evenings AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND: THE POWER OF THE ARTS.

Ambushed from Behind
Power of the Arts I: The power of fate

Power of the Arts II: The power of pictures

Power of the Arts III: The power of noise

Power of the Arts IV: The power of the curse

Power of the Arts V: The power of bling-bling

What makes power so exciting?
No matter what I do: whether I'm delivering an oratory in the Congo, working in Berlin at the Deutsche Oper, or writing songs for the radio, at some point I always come into contact with power. The arts are a sort of lubricant for society. We artists thus have a great responsibility that must be cultivated, like growing a precious mushroom. Because if the arts are unable to independently handle power, we leave it up to politics, the church and the capital.

When is power good?
Power simply exists. It is only bad when left in the wrong hands. Many artists kiss the feet of power, perform before thousands of spectators, go home and cry about the state of the world. But the work is not then done. We creative artists are not aware enough of our own power. We have to ask ourselves: where are the operas about arms exports to the Emirates? That is a tremendous task that is never achieved.

What is the role of power at the Deutsche Oper Berlin?
Power is at home here, too. On the evenings when I curate in the Tischlerei it will manifest in various ways. The power of faith, the power of real estate, the power of bling-bling, and the power of the curse. For the latter we will invite a witch who will bewitch the room and us, the audience.