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Audio-Show: Who tells you to do what?

Radio show featuring Berlin children and teenagers
Sun 09.02.2020 - 15:00 h
€ 5,00

Informationen zum Werk

An audio show with Berlin kids and teenagers for all persons aged 8 and over
A closing presentation as part of the music lab in the winter holidays.

In German language

90 mins / No interval


Künstlerische Projektleitung

Kristina Stang

About the performance

Who tells you to do what? Who do you allow to give you instructions? And above all: what does it sound like? Is it really necessary?

60 children and teenagers will spend a week exploring and mixing sounds, writing songs, founding bands and building instruments – assisted by a raft of artists. All culminating in a performance at which they present their findings.

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The radio show will be broadcast on Kakadu - the children's programme of Deutschlandfunk Kultur.