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07. Dec


Between functional building and built art

Discussion / As part of 60 Years of Deutsche Oper Berlin
Fri 24.09.2021 - 18:00 h
0,00 €

Admission free

Informationen zum Werk

In German language

approx. 90 minutes


You can find our publication on 60 years of Deutsche Oper Berlin here as a PDF download


Architect Oslo Opera House

Jette Hopp

President Chamber of Architects until 2021

Christine Edmaier

Professor for Architectural Theory

Philipp Oswalt

State Conservator Berlin

Christoph Rauhut


Nikolaus Bernau

About the performance

Like castles in the past, museums and theatres are now the buildings that shape the face of cities. But how can the balancing act between the artistic demands of architecture and the purpose-oriented requirements be achieved?

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