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Opera Lounge: All is bright

Musical theatre for late-night culture enthusiasts
Thu 28.11.2019 - 21:00 h
12,00 €

Informationen zum Werk

Doors open from 20:15 hrs, until 0:00 hrs

About the performance

They hail from all corners of the globe, populating the stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin night after night: young singers complementing and completing the Deutsche Oper ensemble as stipendiaries. Here a manservant with a single line, there the conspiratorial power broker behind the scenes, on another occasion the confidante of the prima donna… and often enough a character with a meatier role.

At our OPERA LOUNGE events they will be presenting their favourite melodies for your delectation. The audience can look forward to a distinctly unusual mix of styles spanning opera arias, musical numbers and folk songs.

Actor Florian Teichtmeister, currently playing Frosch in our production of THE BAT, will be emcee for the evening, presenting the individual singers to the assembled music lovers and elaborating on the songs and arias.

DJ Alex Barck, familiar to Yellow Lounge and radio eins audiences, will round off the lounge atmosphere with his sounds.