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Ambushed from Behind: Don Quichotte

Late-night performances to accompany the ‘proper operas’

Informationen Zum Werk


Director, Performance, Music



Elda Laro

Set design

Sabine Mader


Sebastian Hanusa

Assistant director

Dana Tucker

Laser Technician

Cornelius Rapp


Amber Fasquelle


Ronnita Miller


Lulu Obermayer



Laser Band

Mathias Brendal

Laser Band

Maya Postepski

Laser Band

Sky Deep

Clusterfuck (Performance)


Clusterfuck (Performance)

Adrienne Teicher

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Bishop Black

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Federica Daueri

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Ginger Synne

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Lori Baldwin

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Mad Kate

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Martini Cherry Frankenfurter

Clusterfuck (Performance)

Jair Luna

Clusterfuck (Performance)


About the performance

DON QUICHOTTE is based on the international literary classic exploring the visionary power of dreams and the utopia of creating fantasy worlds while being defeated by the harsh realities of life. It is both a grand tale dealing with the ageing process and a weird and wonderful adventure novel packed with deadpan humour. Jules Massenet transferred the novel to the stage, composing an opera that premiered in Monte Carlo in 1910. Peaches has now produced her own, wholly feminine take on the opera material.

In this season’s final event in the AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND series Peaches combines her own music with excerpts from the opera. Her singing is accompanied by three laser harps and musicians from the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper. She is flanked by two singers from the Deutsche Oper ensemble in the form of Amber Fasquelle as Dulchinée and Ronnita Miller as a feminine “Donna Quichotte” and a raft of other special guests.

‘Ambushed From Behind’ is the late-night series of productions that, in the few years since its inception, has invited guests such as Matthew Herbert, Lydia Lunch, Andrei Koroliov and N.U. Unruh to present works in the Tischlerei. Five operas receiving their premieres on the main stage have been given the Off-commentary treatment in projects incorporating members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin ensemble. This successful series of one-off evening performances continued in 2018/2019 with more special guests from the worlds of pop, rock, avant-garde and visual arts. Events also featured Black Cracker, Tielsie and Frank Bretschneider among other artists. The series was curated and developed by composer and director Alexandra Holtsch. The AMBUSHED response to DON QUICHOTTE in collaboration with Peaches is her final production. After three successful years Holtsch is now handing the reins to musician and curator Elia Rediger.

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