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Ambushed from Behind: Power of the Arts


Informationen Zum Werk

Late night performances of the grand opera

aged 14 and over

Within our opera house it is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose cover. The obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover also applies to your seat, so that even if the minimum distance between seats is slightly reduced, the necessary protection against infection is maintained.

approx. 60 mins / no interval


Concept, art direction

Elia Rediger

Set and Costume design

Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm


Maxime Perrin

Dramatic advisor

Sebastian Hanusa

About the performance

In her incarnation as Queen Alaska, Anneli Bentler creates delicate, ethereal electropop. In Wagner’s THE VALKYRIE we find her giving female characters a platform: “Since as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the psychoanalytical side of stories. Fairy tales have always had a therapeutic function, with each character illuminating an aspect of our personalities. We are presented with the jealous stepmother, the innocent child, the strong brother. Seen through the lens of Jungian psychoanalysis, we can decipher the characters in Wagner’s RING. Like so many myths, the RING, too, explores the great issues of the human condition - power, love, responsibility – yet this is all presented from the standpoint of a patriarchal system, even when the female characters are taking centre stage. I like Brünnhilde most: I see her as the perfected, rounded form of her true self, one uniting all characteristics in one entity. Wotan, her father, represents an ego that is concerned only with shoring up its own power. Her mother, Erda, symbolises our soul, which frames and encapsulates everything. Musically, too, I’m meeting Wagner head-on with something soft, spherical, flowing, even feminine. For instance, I’m playing the »Ride of the Valkyries« with analogue synthesisers. By using my own harmonies to shift the focus of his melodies I’m enveloping Wagner in my sound garb.” (Anneli Bentler)

The power of the arts is great. Yet where exactly does it lie? What can it achieve? Whom can it reach? What interests does it serve? THE POWER OF THE ARTS is the theme of the late-night series AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND. As of the 2019/20 season it will be curated by the singer, composer and director Elia Rediger. It thus continues the series' successful concept of providing commentary on five premieres on the big stage.

Artists from the worlds of pop, rock, avant garde, fashion and visual arts will be invited as special guests to these evenings so that they may shape the events with their view of the grand opera, together with members of the house's ensemble.

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