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Ambushed from Behind: Wozzeck

Late-night performances to accompany the ‘proper operas’

Informationen Zum Werk


Concept, art direction

Alexandra Holtsch

Music, video, set design, choreography

Black Cracker


Jens Holzkamp

Stage layout, costumes

Sabine Mader

Dramatic advisor

Sebastian Hanusa

Musical support

Taylor Savvy

Video support



Thomas Lehman

Performance and Choreography

Mad Kate

Performance and Choreography

Jair Luna

Performance and Choreography

Natasha Vergilio

Performance and Choreography

Fritz Helder

Performance and Choreography

Mr Manic

Performance and Choreography


Performance and Choreography


Performance and Choreography

Meri Díez


Arne-Christian Pelz

Double Bass

Jörg Lorenz


Hanno Vehling


Daniel Eichholz

About the performance

In Alban Berg’s WOZZECK Black Cracker has chosen one of the key works of the 20th century to be given the AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND treatment. Following up on his version of COSI FAN TUTTE, which opened the series in Autumn 2016, rapper, poet and Berlin resident Black Cracker returns to produce a second AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND evening.

The Wozzeck character is emblematic of the oppressed, alienated individual feeling dominated by opaque, faceless, exploitative power structures. He has submitted to the rules of that world and tried his best to fit in and play the game, but he can never come out on top and will never have a chance to influence or mould the framework within which he exists. After failing in the attempt, he goes on a murderous rampage.

For Black Cracker, Georg Büchner created - in his “Woyzeck”, which was later set to music by Alban Berg - an archetype of modern man that has lost none of its relevance today, even if alienation and loneliness take different forms and are subtler and less brutal in the way they present themselves. Black Cracker’s response to WOZZECK, an hour-long, through-composed work, places its protagonist, sung by baritone Thomas Lehman, at the centre of proceedings. He is completely isolated, abandoned to the inner images that preoccupy him. Musically, too, he is of another world, with that of the eight musicians of the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the electronic equipment and Black Cracker’s poetical hip hop set in juxtaposition to his. And while a double of the main character appears in the video the performers’ embodiment of his energy-sapping struggle depicts a continuation of, and reflection upon, his fate by other means.

‘Ambushed From Behind’ is the late-night series of productions that, in the few years since its inception, has invited guests such as Black Cracker, Andrei Koroliov, Matthew Herbert, Lydia Lunch, Peaches and N.U. Unruh to present works in the Tischlerei. In this way five operas receiving their premieres on the main stage have been given the Off-commentary treatment in projects incorporating members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin ensemble. This successful series of one-off evening performances will continue in 2018/2019 with more special guests from the worlds of pop, rock, avant-garde and visual arts.

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