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Who tells you to do what?

Radio show featuring Berlin children and teenagers

Informationen Zum Werk

A closing presentation as part of the music lab in the winter holidays with Berlin kids and teenagers, aged 8 and over

In German language

90 mins / No interval


Künstlerische Projektleitung

Kristina Stang

Laboratory 1: Listening / instrumental music

Alaa Zouiten

Laboratory 2: Running pictures / animated films and stories

Katja Wehling / ánimofilm

Laboratory 3: The response / performance and speaking

Judica Albrecht

Laboratory 4: We regulate this / dance and movement

Bahar Meric

Laboratory 5: Changing roles / singing and telling stories

Golnar Shahyar

About the performance

Who tells you to do what? Who do you allow to give you instructions? And above all: what does it sound like? Is it really necessary?

60 children and teenagers will spend a week exploring and mixing sounds, writing songs, founding bands and building instruments – assisted by a raft of artists. All culminating in a performance at which they present their findings.

Lab 1: Listening / Instrumental music [ages 8 – 14]
The question “Who’s telling you what?” is the underlying principle of playing music in a group. If you can’t understand what the person next to you is saying, you can’t interact with them musically. If you can understand each other, if you listen to each other, if you’re interested in what people are saying, then you can form a band! In this workshop we’re going to try to do just that – to be a band and make music together. The lab is open to anyone aged 8 to 14 who plays an instrument or who’d like to try their hand at playing simple instruments. If you have an instrument and can bring it with you, you’re very welcome to do that (at the time of registration you can also indicate what instrument you’d like to bring). We already have a piano and a number of basic instruments. Coach: Alaa Zouiten

Lab 2: Getting pictures to move / Animated cartoons and stories [ages 8 – 14]
Bringing objects to life, creating worlds of your own, letting your imagination run wild… In our cartoon workshop you’ll learn the basic techniques of cartoon animation. Try out different materials and methods such as modelling clay, collages and animation. Each small group will produce, picture by picture, its own unique animated cartoon centring on the question “Who’s telling you what?” At the end of the process we’ll set the cartoons to music, of course, and show them at the presentation on the Sunday. Coach: Katja Wehling / ánimofilm

Lab 3: The answer / Performance and spoken word [ages 8 – 12]
Who’s telling you WHAT? Who’s that talking so LOUD? WHO’s talking to you and in what way? – And most importantly: What are YOU saying? This lab is all about suggestions, chattering and prohibitions, about instructions and requests, recommendations, tips, advice and all the other stuff we get told all day long. We’ll get together, form a chorus and start talking back. We are the answer – using our voice and our whole body, sometimes loud, sometimes very quiet, in the middle of the room. Now it’s our turn to talk. Coach: Judica Albrecht

Lab 4: Ruling on the rules / Dance and movement [age 10+]
Rules, laws, prohibitions. Who are the people who make them and who are they good or bad for? We’re looking for the best, stupidest, funniest and most annoying rules from school, home, the sports club or anywhere else. We’ll put together our own best set of rules and have fun expressing them in dance form with a lot of movement and musical groove. Bring loose clothing and something to drink. We dance barefoot or wearing non-slip socks. Coach: Bahar Meric

Lab 5: Changing roles / Singing and storytelling [ages 12– 14]
What are the first thoughts and feelings you have, the first words, images, movements and sounds that occur to you when you hear “It’s YOUR turn!” or “It’s NOT your turn!” What effect do those two sentences have on you when you’re on your own and when you’re with other people? How do you move and what do you sound like when you take on a different role? And what about other people when they do the same? Who or what can tell you what to do? A person, a place, a time period, a situation – a sound? And does it work vice-versa? Can you tell them what to do? In this workshop we’ll be working with voice and body, singing, moving and storytelling. Coach: Golnar Shahyar

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