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In the Winter Holiday Music Lab

A closing presentation as part of the music lab in the winter holidays

Informationen Zum Werk

A closing presentation as part of the music lab in the winter holidays with Berlin kids and teenagers, aged 8 and over

In German language

90 mins / No interval


Künstlerische Projektleitung

Kristina Stang

Laboratory 1: Listening / instrumental music

Alaa Zouiten

Laboratory 2: Running pictures / animated films and stories

Katja Wehling / ánimofilm

Laboratory 3: The response / performance and speaking

Judica Albrecht

Laboratory 4: We regulate this / dance and movement

Bahar Meric

Laboratory 5: Changing roles / singing and telling stories

Golnar Shahyar

About the performance

Children and teenagers will spend a week exploring and mixing sounds, writing songs, founding bands and building instruments – assisted by a raft of artists. All culminating in a performance at which they present their findings.

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