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Songs you can’t get out of your head – A performance by the Children’s Club

aged 8 and over
Sun 23.06.2019 - 15:00 h
€ 5,00

Informationen zum Werk

70 mins / no interval


Stage Director

Friederike Dunger

Set and Costume design

Ariane Leonie Stamatescu


Tamara Schmidt

About the performance

Some songs can really get on your nerves. You whirl around, try to flush your ears out, do a cartwheel or a bungee jump, but nothing helps. They’re lodged in your head and won’t be quiet. Some are so stubborn they plague us till the day we die. But there are good ones, too, the ones we like. The ones we hold on to and take care of because they remind us of good times – a school outing, a game of hockey, our first love. And some of those insistent songs can even brighten up the darkest of moods.

What is it about some songs that make them stick in our minds? And do we have any say in what triggers them and what effect they have on us?

In recent months members of the Children’s Club have been hard at work in the Catchy Song tailor’s workshop cutting up tunes, cropping texts, triggering memories and ranking beats on the catchiness scale. This is the secret factory where the unforgettable chestnuts – the welcome ones and the annoying ones - are cobbled together before being sent out into the ears of the people.

It’s not often that the secret workshop opens its doors to the public, and the next chances to get a peek will be on the 22nd and 23rd June 2019. But beware: enter at your own risk!

With Cary Schorling, Clara Linder, Emilia Warnemünde, Emily Göbel, Kari Geisinger, Laura Lucas, Luna Jonker, Maria Idañez Odriozola, Mia Cuber, Raguel Kaehler, Tamar Aviad, Vivien Rabenhold

Our Sponsors

The project is co-funded by “Zur Bühne”, the development programme of the German Theatre and Orchestra Association as part of the “Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung” initiative.
A project of Young Opera in partnership with Nachbarschaftszentrum Divan e.V. and the Berlin Mondiale programme of Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.