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Double mountain festival for the "Don Quixote" new production

The Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin presents 500.000 € for the RING 2020

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der Deutschen Oper Berlin e. V.

Sancho Pansa as Rosinante (Seth Carico), an oversized Don Quixote head and a confusing Dulcinée (Clémentine Margaine) inspired the guests of the second mountain festival of the Förderkreis at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Again this year, one of the new productions - this time Jules Massenet's DON QUICHOTTE - was used as an occasion to get an impression of the new production in the middle of the rehearsals. Both the director Jakop Ahlbom and the conductor Emmauel Villaume explained in an entertaining way how they want to bring the figure of the Knight of the Sad Figure to the opera stage (premiere on 30 May 2019). Jörg Schörner led through the entertaining evening. The Förderkreis also took up the Bergfest idea and presented a cheque of € 500,000 to the director Dietmar Schwarz for the new RING production next year. The sponsors have set themselves the goal of collecting one million for the RING 2020 and in this respect half of the sum of 500,000 € was achieved.

The cheque was handed over by Dr. Kilian Jay von Seldeneck, Dr. Marion Knauf and Silke Alsweiler-Lösch.