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Season 2021/22:

Dear audience members, the re-opening of the Deutsche Oper on 24th September 1961 was more than simply an important event in the cultural landscape of Germany. The inauguration of Fritz Bornemann’s building was not only a testament to the tenacity and resilience of West Berlin; as an example of »democratic« architecture, the structure itself was also a statement about the character of the city, the façade representing both a protective haven for the arts and a welcoming transparency for the opera-going public and the auditorium affording each of the 1,865 seats an unimpeded view of the stage. To mark the 60th anniversary of the venue’s resurrection we are shining a spotlight on Fritz Bornemann’s edifice – partly because we love the place, partly because we have once again reached a point where we need to rethink what we want from art and what it can give us. To this end we have put together a mixed programme of events that reflect the ties between musical theatre, visual arts and architecture. —



All performances from 1 November to 9 July
Preview book 2021/22
At the beginning of November, our preview will be published for all works, concerts and recitals until the end of the season on 9 July 2022. Read also about the fascination of Wagner, about our Great Themes between Grand Opéra and operas of the 1920s ... If you would like to receive the book free of charge and hot off the press, please register for our publications mailing list.

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ANTIKRIST, from 30 January 2022
We are the apocalypse
ANTIKRIST was the first brand-new production that we were forced to cancel because of a Covid lockdown. 18 months on, the end-of-days opera is more topical than ever. Not good news at all ... Dramaturge Carolin Müller-Dohle explains the link between global warming and a 100-year-old opera house

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Premiere on 30 January 2022
Church opera in two acts and six pictures by Rued Langgaard. Conductor: Stephan Zilias; staging: Ersan Mondtag; with Thomas Lehman, Jonas Grundner-Culemann, Valeriia Savinskaia, Irene Roberts, Clemens Bieber, Gina Perregrino, Flurina Stucki, AJ Glueckert, Jordan Shanahan

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Premiere on 20 March 2022
Les Vêpres Siciliennes
Opera in five acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Conductor: Enrique Mazzola; staging: Olivier Py; with Thomas Lehman / Michael Volle, Saioa Hernandez / Hulkar Sabirova, Piero Pretti, Roberto Tagliavini / Patrick Guetti a. o.

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ONCE TO BE REALISED, from 23 January 2022
Michail Marmarinos … A place of serenity for my soul: Elefsina
Director Michail Marmarinos shows us round the sacred heart of Ancient Greece, a source of inspiration that also nourished the music revolutions of Jani Christou ... On 23 January, the Tischlerei will host the world premiere of Michail Marmarino's production on designs by Jani Christou's "Project files": ONCE TO BE REALISED.

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Once to be realised

21 January, 3.00 p.m. until 24 January, 3.00 p.m.
"The Dwarf" as VOD
Nominated for the GRAMMY for "Best Opera Recording", Alexander von Zemlinsky's DER ZWERG in Tobias Kratzer's production is one of the most successful new DVD productions of recent years. We are pleased to make the recording, released by Naxos, available to you as a free stream. Experience, among others, David Butt Philip, Mick Morris Mehnert, Elena Tsallagova, Philipp Jekal, Emily Magee and Sir Donald Runnicles on the podium. We thank Naxos for their generous support.


The Tischlerei programme
Always on the pulse of our time
The Tischlerei is a laboratory for musical theatre of our times, a blank slate for experimenting with new sounds and current issues, contemporary forms and changing perspectives. This season’s productions look at female realities, question the transcendental power of theatre and illustrate the insurmountable frontlines and human cost of war.

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Advance ticket sales have begun.

Advance booking has begun for all performances until 9 July 2022. The general advance booking for the 2022/23 season begins on 6 April 2022, 12.00 noon, the early advance booking for Deutsche Oper Card holders begins on 30 March 2022, 9.00 noon.



Our schedule
Shows for young and old

You can already purchase tickets for our specially priced performances for young and old in the general advance sale: Children and young people up to 18 years of age pay only € 10 for all seats – pensioners and retirees pay € 25. Next performance on 2 January 2022 IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA.



Our Generational Performances
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The Deutsche Oper Card entitles you to early advance booking for all performances and grants you a 25% discount for 2 tickets per performance in price categories A to E (excluding RING packages, third-party, Tischlerei and Foyer performances). It costs €75.00 once for the 21/22 season. 



Deutsche Oper Card
The Ring of the Nibelung
For over 100 years, the history of our house has been inextricably linked with Wagner's opus summum. Almost four decades after Götz Friedrich's "time tunnel", Stefan Herheim and Sir Donald Runnicles are now forging a new RING: THE VALKYRIE and THE RHINEGOLD celebrated their premiere in the 2020/21 season, SIEGFRIED and TWILIGHT OF THE GODS will follow in autumn 2021. You can find out about this and about what moves the people involved in our RING after clicking on the button below.
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Premiere on 1 May 2022
The Treasure Hunter
Twice already, Christof Loy has helped little-known operas of the early 20th century to make a successful comeback at the Deutsche Oper Berlin: After Korngold's THE MIRACLE OF HELIANE and Zandonai's FRANCESCA DA RIMINI, another long-forgotten opera treasure now follows: Franz Schreker's DER SCHATZGRÄBER (The Treasure Hunter). Conductor: Marc Albrecht.

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Premiere on 12 June 2022
The Master Singers of Nuremberg
Opera in three acts by Richard Wagner, libretto by the composer. Conductor: Sir Donald Runnicles; staging: Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito; with Johan Reuter, Albert Pesendorfer, Philipp Jekal, Klaus Florian Vogt, Rachel Harnisch et al.

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On ANTIKRIST, premiere on 30 January 2022
A visit to the orchestra rehearsal hall
Literally incomprehensible: Rued Langgaard's unique work of art ANTIKRIST floats above all musical styles. The musical director of the new production Stephan Zilias describes this impressively in backstage view. Literally incomprehensible: Rued Langgaard's unique work of art ANTIKRIST floats above all musical styles. The musical director of the new production Stephan Zilias describes this impressively in backstage view.


About the performance

ELEKTRA on 3, 16 February 2022
Catherine Foster's place of serenity for my soul: Goethe Park in Weimar
Catherine Foster is well known for her dramatic roles and has been described as the best Elektra singing today. When she is looking to recuperate from the demands of the role, she goes for a walk ... Experience Catherine Foster in the title role of Richard Strauss' ELEKTRA again from 3 February.

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An essay by Arne Stollberg
The Composer in the Mirror
"You must separate the person from the work." This admonishment by the count to his sister the countess in Richard Strauss' CAPRICCIO can hardly be contested as a hermeneutical principle. Even Walter Benjamin insisted on treating "works" not simply as "testimonials", thereby undermining their aesthetic obstinacy. Yet in the case of Alexander Zemlinsky's DER ZWERG, things are more complicated ...

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Premiere on 8 April 2022
7 Deaths of Maria Callas
Performance artist Marina Abramović lets "la Divina" die seven famous stage deaths, the eighth is final and real – or not? Acting and embodiment, Marina and Maria merge, absorbed into a life as and for art.


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60 years of Deutsche Oper Berlin
Serving the arts
In the auditorium works of music take centre stage; in the foyer people predominate. Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff adores the Deutsche Oper Berlin – both as an architect and as an opera lover ... Read her homage to the opera house here.

Essay and schedule

7 performances for visually impaired audiences
Audiodeskription 2021/22
Turning a performance into a real theatre experience for blind and visually impaired people is the aim of the "Berliner Spielplan Audiodeskription". In the past 18 months, live audio description was not possible - we presented JENUFA and DER ZWERG in two DVD streamings with their own soundtrack and audio-descriptive introductions. We are all the more delighted to be able to perform live for visually impaired audiences: DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE and IL VIAGGIO A REIMS.

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