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Concert for a young audience

One key focus this season is on concerts for the youngest age brackets. Our concerts for babies and kids give the very smallest of patrons a playful introduction to music. Older children, too, get a taste of music in concert formats that are suited to their stage of development. We act and sing for families, kindergartens and school classes – both in the Tischlerei and on the main stage. The children and youth concert season opens our BigBand on the parking deck with a new Jungle Book!

All current dates will be announced via the newsletter and this website as soon as they are available for advance booking.

Baby concert (0 – 2)


An auditory adventure for the very young / Tischlerei

For children aged 0 to 2

Parents accompany their children as they sit and crawl about on a large blanket in a cosy room. In an environment filled with sounds, movement and light but no words they are immersed in a sensory world adapted to their needs and abilities. Gurgling, scrabbling and cuddling – anything goes! And the musicians and their instruments are right up close to the action.

Concept Anna von Gehren, Tamara Schmidt With musicians of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and guests

Duration 30 minutes / no interval

13 to 15 May 2021

Concert for kids (3 – 4)


Listening and joining in / Tischlerei

For tots aged 3 to 4

Our concerts for kids in the Tischlerei present music for tots in a cosy environment. The kids are not expected to sit still – they can move around freely and follow the trajectories traced by the musicians, as the mood takes them. At various junctures they can dabble in ‘music making’ themselves.

Concept Anna von Gehren, Tamara Schmidt With musicians of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and guests

Duration 35 minutes / no interval

19 to 21 November 2020


Springtime Singing (5+)


Sing-along concert at the end of winter / Tischlerei

For children aged 5 and over

The time for going barefoot, sunbathing and playing outdoors until late is not yet upon us. But it’ll be here soon. And then it’s ‘goodbye winter!’. But we want to see if we can play the kind of music that will hasten its departure. The Children’s Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin invites young kids to a springtime singing session in the Tischlerei, assisted by musicians – and audience members, because they can sing along too!

Conductor Christian Lindhorst Concept Christian Lindhorst, Tamara Schmidt With the Mini Chorus, Children’s Chorus and Youth Chorus

Duration 60 minutes / no interval

7 March 2020

Wagner’s Worlds (7+)


Children’s Concert on the main stage

For children aged 7 and over

The main role in this facilitated children’s concert is taken by Wagner’s music in the worlds created by him in his operas. The orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin guides the audience through the most riveting motifs of the RING, enveloping young music fans in the fantastical stories, heroes and creatures that come to life through his compositions. We are planning one date designed for schools [grades 2 - 5] and one Sunday for families.

Presenter N. N. Concept Dorothea Hartmann, Tamara Schmidt With the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Duration 50 minutes / no interval


The Jungle Book (8+)


A jazz adventure for all the family / Parking deck and Tischlerei

For children aged 8 and over

This season the Tischlerei hosts the 1st jazz festival given by the BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin (in June 2021). And in this »Jungle Book« concert it demonstrates beyond doubt that jazz is not the preserve of adult connoisseurs. Actor Christian Brückner reads excerpts from Rudyard Kipling’s classic of Western literature and the band plays jungle jazz written by Martin Auer.

With Christian Brückner, BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Duration 70 minutes / no interval

The BigBand opens the children and youth season with "Das Dschungelbuch" on 29 August on the parking deck of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

29, 30 August 2020

Roaring Twenties (10+)

BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin © 2016


Youth concert with BigBand and orchestra

For children and teenagers aged 10 and over

This concert presents the first-ever head-to-head between the orchestra and BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. In the morning, prior to the fully-fledged concert for adults later in the day, we present a portion of the evening programme on the main stage. This event, with spoken introduction, is just for school groups [grades 5 - 8]. The music hails from the 1920s, an exciting decade that straddled the transition from the »classical« period to the jazz age.

Presenter N. N. With the orchestra and BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Duration 60 minutes / no interval