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Orchestra & School

An opera without an orchestra? Unthinkable! Musicians from the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin may well be out of sight in the orchestra pit during a performance, but otherwise they are more than happy to engage with audiences. School children can attend rehearsals and chat with musicians or talk in more detail with them at events such as concert workshops or musical-theatre open days. Pre-schoolers and kids of primary-school age are welcome to attend instrument presentations.

Precise dates are published in our newsletter and on the website. Alternatively, approach us with your wishes and ideas.

Orchestral music at school


As long as you and your pupils are not yet able to come to the opera house for workshops and rehearsal visits as usual, we will increasingly come to your school. After the autumn holidays, orchestra musicians will visit your class, either alone or in small groups together with a music theatre pedagogue. They will present their music, their instrument and themselves in 90-minute moderated discussion concerts - naturally in compliance with all applicable hygiene rules for schools and theatres. We are pleased about your interest. Tell us the class level and size, previous experience, room size (as large as possible!) and unfavourable weekdays (if available) and we will create a match.

Write to us please!

Orchestra workshops


Attending a rehearsal in an orchestra practice room

Prior to attending a concert or performance, musically-inclined classes are given insights into the way an orchestra rehearses for a live event. Children can talk with the musicians and get some in-depth glimpses into the challenges of working as a professional musician.

Grades 7 and above

Cost Free of charge, unless also attending a performance [€8 per ticket]

Four wins!


Presentation of instruments: »Orchestra«

Four musicians from the orchestra present some key instruments used in the orchestra, play some sample pieces from well-known operas and invite children to try out the instruments for themselves. Cue for some interesting discoveries. And afterwards the kids will find it much easier to pick out the musical details while an orchestra is playing.

Duration 90 minutes

Grades 3 – 7

Cost € 3,–



Presentation of instruments: »Percussion«

Orchestra drummers play many different instruments. Benedikt Leithner, 1st timpanist in the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, presents an array of instruments and shows the kids how varied percussion can be. And it goes without saying that the children can have a go!

Duration 75 minutes

Ages Pre-school to Grade 5

Cost €3 per person

Rhapsody goes Opera

Musicians in school


In a collaboration with »Rhapsody in School«, well-known soloists, singers and instrumentalists pay visits to school classes during which they introduce themselves and give the kids a taste of their respective skill. Afterwards the class sits in on a rehearsal, observes the same person practising and then attends the relevant live performance.


Grades 7 and upwards

Cost Free of charge, unless also attending a performance [€8 per ticket]

Photo © Stefanie Kulisch