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Here you will find the programme for children and teenagers.

  • Young Opera 2018/2019

    Young Operas' Team © Stephan Bögel

    Be part of the action, show off your onstage talent, listen to the music or immerse yourself in the stories: Young Opera goes into schools and kindergartens, refugee centres and youth clubs, into the Tischlerei and onto the main stage, inviting everyone to see, hear and join in.

    If you would like to receive information on current projects and upcoming initiatives on a regular basis, we would be delighted to sign you up to our newsletters aimed at schools, families, young people and kindergartens. We look forward to seeing you in the 2018/19 season!


    Young Opera is supported by the
    Karl Schlecht Stiftung

    Tim Renner [State Secretary for Cultural Affairs]
    Donald Runnicles [Musical Director, Deutsche Oper Berlin]

  • Musical Theatre for Children 18/19

     © Stephan Bögel

    A Cuckoo in my Suitcase (3+)

    A meeting between two very different people. Both are on a journey and happen to be stranded in a kindergarten/school. Their few belongings fit into a suitcase, practical and impractical things that mean a lot to them and which they’ve accumulated on the road - a Gopichand (an Indian stringed instrument), electric toothbrushes, a clothes brush, three table spoons, etc. And as it turns out, they can make music using their own voices, the two suitcases and their contents. The whisk does service as a fiddle, a suitcase becomes a double bass and the spoons produce a sound akin to a glockenspiel. But there’s a snag: the two travellers speak different languages and are very different in other ways too, so conflict and friction is inevitable. But by means of sounds and gestures the two individuals manage to make themselves understood, tell their respective stories and the tales of the items in their luggage and along with the children in the audience discover the acoustic world of the other person… A CUCKOO IN MY SUITCASE is a travelling production that tours kindergartens and schools, playing to kids aged 3 to 6. 

    4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 26, 27, 29 March; 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 12 April 2019 / further information.



     © Bettina Stöß


    The Tale of the Magic Flute (5+)

    Prince Tamino falls head over heels in love with Princess Pamina when he receives her picture as a gift. Pamina's love for the Prince is awakened when she hears the tales of Papageno, the bird catcher, with whom she then sings a love duet, Papageno standing in for Tamino. However, these two children of royal blood have a few obstacles to surmount before they can be united. Fortunately there's always music in the meantime: Tamino is given a magic flute that can tame wild animals, and Papageno has a musical instrument, a glockenspiel of magic chimes. This abbreviated version of Mozart's MAGIC FLUTE is intended not only for children but for all music and theatre lovers keen to spend an hour learning the sights and sounds of opera.

    11, 12 [2×] December 2018 / further information.



    Meechot Marrero und Mathias Becker
     © Stephan Bögel


    The Secret of the Blue Deer (5+)

    It was an afternoon like any other. Mama and Lena were sipping tea. Lena was gazing at a vase on the table. All of a sudden the deer appeared. Lena watched as 13 tiny blue deer emerged from the vase and trotted across the table. Lena heard the patter of their little hooves on the table’s surface. They arranged themselves in a row in front of Lena. “Mistress!”, they whispered. “Mistress!” From that day onwards Lena had a secret. It was as if there was a little sun glowing within her. But her sun clouded over when her brother Raff was standing in front of her. Raff, who sometimes lost his temper. And who had his own secret… The story of this unequal pair of siblings, who communicate through their respective dream worlds and in the real world, too, come to a better mutual understanding, is narrated, sung and performed by a puppeteer, a singer and two musicians. Arias and instrumental pieces by Italian baroque composers create their own additional fantasy spaces.

    12, 13 [2×], 15 –19 January 2019 / further information.



    © Jens Schittenhelm


    Nacht bis Acht (6+)

    Fiodor is playing with his cat when he should actually be asleep, because his alarm clock is due to go off at 8am the next morning. But then strange things begin to happen. The clocks start to play up and a clockmaker sets about trying to save time. The sun bearer has problems with a moon reluctant to rise. Seafarers responsible for the daily ebb and flow of the tides are thrown off their stroke. Situations and characters become more and more absurd as Fiodor bumps into a pair of twins dead set on rowing across the Atlantic or is challenged to a game of table tennis by a tiger who then turns into a wild guitar. In NACHT BIS ACHT the world appears out of kilter – and yet: what exactly is the ‘world’?

    6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18 – 21 October 2018 / further information.

  • Concerts for Children

    Franka Herwig, Alessandro Maggioni
    Babykonzert © Stephan Bögel

    Babykonzert: Through the air (0 - 2)

    Concerts for babies? Why not? The savouring of music, the enjoyment of sounds both new and familiar, the urge to move in time to the beats… these are as present in the first months and years of life as they are in older children and adults. That's why we are inviting tots up to 2 years of age to the Tischlerei to experience their first ever concert. On a floor strewn with cushions and blankets the little ones are free to spend half an hour, with their parents, crawling and romping with a diverse programme of music as an acoustic backdrop.

    4, 5, 6, 20, 21, 22 December 2018  / All information can be found in our schedule



    mit u. a. Alexandra Hutton
    Knirpskonzert © Stephan Bögel

    Knirpskonzert: A boat, a stick, an umbrella (3 - 4)

    In a cozy setting, children are invited to experience new worlds of sound, to move and be enchanted by the sounds of the musicians.

    25, 26, 27 February 2019 [Tischlerei] / All information can be found in our schedule



    mit Curt A. Roesler
    Adventssingen in der Tischlerei © Stephan Bögel

    Singing at Advent: Abenteuer im Advent (4+)

    Advent Weekend we gather in the Tischlerei, make ourselves comfy on cushions and get everyone in the mood for the most atmospheric and contemplative festival of the year. Alternating with the loveliest of Advent stories, we run through our favourite Yuletide evergreens, accompanied by the Orchestra's musicians. Why is it that Christmas comes but once a year?

    8, 9 December 2018 [Tischlerei] / All information can be found in our schedule



    James Kryshak, Adriana Ferfezka, Robert Watson, Samuel Dale Johnson
    Kinderkonzert © Marcus Lieberenz

    Children's Concert (5+)

    In this concert opera singers and the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin led by Nikolas Maximilian Nägele present arias, duets and overtures.

    The hour-long concert, aimed at children aged 5 and over, will be given twice: on a Sunday morning for families (17 February 2019) and a weekday for schools (15 February 2019).

    15, 17 February 2019 [main stage] / All information can be found in our schedule




    Kinder- und Jugendchor der Deutschen Oper Berlin © Stefan Bögel

    Anniversary concert: Children’s Chorus turns 10 (6+)

    With its 150 singers, the Children’s and Youth Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is an established element of the opera house’s ensemble. Children and teenagers are given music and vocal coaching in chorus groups appropriate to their age group. The aim is for the youngsters to appear onstage alongside professional singers and demonstrate their proficiency in concerts – a tradition that is set to continue during the 2018/2019 season, with the chorus participating in WOZZECK, TOSCA, THE NUTCRACKER, THE CUNNING LITTLE VIXEN, CARMEN, BORIS GODUNOV, PARSIFAL, OTELLO and other works.

    Aside from the opera performances at the Deutsche Oper, all chorus groups will also appear at other venues in Berlin and further afield. Our youngest singers, who make up the Mini Chorus, are already preparing for their Christmas carol concerts and other events. The Children’s Chorus, the Concert Chorus, the Voice Changers [a young male-voice chorus] and the Youth Chorus give concerts covering a spectrum ranging from Renaissance songs to contemporary material.

    The anniversary concert marks the first 10 years of the Children’s Chorus and the 5th birthday of the Youth Chorus.

    26 March 2019 [main stage] / All information can be found in our schedule


  • Project Presentations


    Impressionen aus dem Musiklabor. Schaut Euch hier unser Making-Of-Video an

    Radio show featuring Berlin children and teenagers (8 - 14)

    Register now with this PDF-Document

    For one whole week we will be moving around Berlin collecting sounds and trying to learn more about the various thoroughfares of the city and its inhabitants. ‘We’ are the 50 children and teenagers aged 8 to 14 taking part in the autumn-holiday music lab organised by Young Opera. The aim of a number of workshops is for kids to record the sounds of our environment. We will be conducting interviews with Berliners and working the material into creative performances. Together with our workshop leader we will present the results of our research in an audio show.

    Workshop-Period: 22 – 28 October 2018
    Presentation: 28 October 2018, 15.00h [Tischlerei]
    Fee: € 45,– / red. € 15,–
    If you are interested, please contact jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de



    Kinderclub © Stephan Bögel

    Children's Club (9 - 12)

    The Children’s Club is two years old! Following on from the success of its first season, the musical theatre club is heading into the next round in a more streamlined form: we meet on non-school days over the Ascension Day and Whitsun holidays and work with you to create a musical play to be performed in early July in the Tischlerei. You will have a chance to rehearse musical theatre, learning by doing. No prior experience is required, but you should enjoy experimenting with music and drama. - Still at planning stage.

    Rehearsals: Thursdays from February 2019 [15.30 – 17.30h]; 26 – 27 January; 26 – 27 April; 1 – 2 June; 20 – 21 June 2019
    Presentations: 22, 23 June 2019 [Tischlerei]
    If you are interested, please contact schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de



    Youth Club (14 -18)

    What effect do I have on people? What makes me an individual? What things separate me from the rest of humanity and what things do I do that everyone else does? We turn the magnifying glass on ourselves and the rest of the world and set about developing a musical drama that treads a line between individual and group. - Still at planning stage

    Rehearsals: Wednesdays from November 2018 [17.30 – 20.00h]; 26 – 28 April; 30 May – 2 June; 14 – 23 June 2019
    Representations: 22, 23 Juni 2019 [Tischlerei]
    If you are interested, please contact jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de 



    Common Sound mini festival (15+)

    Oud meets violin, chorus meets santur, Persian rap meets electro beats: in the winter holidays of 2019 young musicians will be taking the Tischlerei by storm, bringing their music, their instruments, their songs and their stories with them. The common thread that binds them? They all live in Berlin and will be spending a week working together at the Common Sound Camp to produce new music – guided and led by Arab, Persian and European artists. The camp will culminate in the Common Sound mini festival held in the Tischlerei and consisting of concerts, workshops and a party.

    16, 17 February 2019, 7pm [Tischlerei]


    Transcultural music project have a long tradition at the Deutsche Oper Berlin © Stephan Bögel


    Would you like to be part of the Common Sound Workshop Week?

    We are seeking young people aged 15 and upwards who either sing or play a musical instrument or are simply interested in music. We’ll spend the daytime hours making music in separate workshop groups and in the evenings will be jamming, chilling, playing and eating. At the end of the week we’ll perform the results of our labours at the COMMON SOUND Mini Festival. Register for the kick-off!


    Kick-off: 12 and 13 January 2019, 11am – 5pm
    Rehearsals: 4-10 February [winter holidays]; 11-17 February 2019
    Mini festival: 16, 17 February 2019 [Tischlerei]
    Registration for kick-off: schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de

  • Family Performances

    We are offering discounts for families: tickets to family performances [incl. advance sales] cost €10.00 for children and teenagers under 18 years of age.