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Musical theatre & Concerts for Young Audiences

Musicians perform for an audience of youngsters, teenagers mount their own works in the Tischlerei, opera singers transform nursery schools into stages and the orchestra plays on the main stage to an audience of youngsters. We have a calendar of events that includes musical theatre by young people and contemporary musical-theatre and concert formats designed especially for children and teens.

Recommended age brackets

Information relating to age of participants is only a recommendation and is designed as a guide for those wishing to attend a performance with a group of children or teenagers. [e.g. a school class].


The Snow Queen (8+)


World premiere by Samuel Penderbayne / Tischlerei

In an ever-colder and increasingly dismal landscape Gerda is searching for her friend, who has been led astray and is now living in the Snow Queen’s palace. »Go your own way and learn to hear!« is the advice from the flowers whom no one is interested in. An actress, three singers and five musicians narrate Gerda’s saga as a road trip, with the children as front-row observers.

See first rehearsal impressions here


33 performances from
22 November to 29 December 2019

A boat, a stick, an umbrella (3 – 4)


Concerts for kids / Tischlerei

Actually, it’s a boat and it can be used to get across a stretch of sea. But now they’re on dry land, they need a walking stick and a brolly against the rain! Good thing the musicians are not on their own and can pool their ideas on how to have a pile of adventures with only a handful of props and a lot of music. In this interactive concert young children are encouraged to soak up music and new auditory environments in a comfortable setting on a large red carpet.

Info, cast and tickets
5 [2×], 6 [3×], 7 [3×] January 2020

Expedition TIRILI (3 – 6)


A Research-Theatre production with TUKI Bühne

For the " Mobile musical theatre" we travel with light luggage, without elaborate stage design, because we play locally, in the kindergartens. Children are a great audience: open, curious, enthusiastic. They miss neither curtain nor orchestra and have no firm idea of how an audience should behave. Children are born researchers. Two musicians visit them with their equipment in the kindergarten and go on a music-theatrical research trip with them. Together they ask themselves: How are sounds created? What does music consist of? Who or what is this mysterious TIRILI?

Dramatic advisors Lars Gebhardt

Director Franziska Seeberg

In German language / 40 mins / no interval

17, 22, 23, 24, 30 January; 3, 4 February; 27, 28, 29, 30 April 2020
Dates in May and June 2020 will be announced later

Information about the mobile theatre, cast, dates

The Nutcracker (4+)


Short version of the classic by the Kinder Ballett Kompanie Berlin / Main Stage

It’s Christmas, and after the presents have been opened Klara falls into a deep sleep. In her dream she sets off, accompanied by her favourite gift, the nutcracker, on a wondrous journey to the Land of Sweets. In this version of the fairy tale set to Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet music children and teens from the Kinder Ballett Kompanie Berlin dance for children’s groups and families.

Info, cast and tickets
4, 16, 21, 28 December 2019

Singing in the spring (4+)


Sing-a-long concert at the end of winter / Tischlerei

The time is not yet ripe for running about in bare feet, soaking up the sun, playing outside late into the evening. But maybe we can help it ripen faster with the right music. Come March the end of winter is in sight and the Children’s Chorus will be singing in the Tischlerei – along with families assisted by the Mini Chorus and members of the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Info, cast and tickets 
8 March 2020

Heart pounding

"Once we spilled a whole bunch of table tennis balls onto the stage from a giant tub. That was my favourite moment from the piece ZWISCHENWELTEN. It made this great noise, like chestnuts pelting down onto the floor. I think the people in the audience were surprised. Then we picked all the balls back up. Performing a piece like that is exciting and my heart was really pounding. We practised the performance for a long time and I was happy once I had done it."

Ildikó Alma Jean is eight years old and sings and acts in the Kinderclub of the Deutsche Oper.

The Tale of the Magic Flute (5+)

The Tale of the Magic Flute © 2008


Short version of Mozart's masterpiece / Main stage

Prince Tamino falls head over heels in love with Princess Pamina when he receives her picture as a gift. Pamina's love for the Prince is awakened when she hears the tales of Papageno, the bird catcher, with whom she then sings a love duet, Papageno standing in for Tamino. However, these two children of royal blood have a few obstacles to surmount before they can be united. Fortunately there's always music in the meantime: Tamino is given a magic flute that can tame wild animals, and Papageno has a musical instrument, a glockenspiel of magic chimes.This abbreviated version of Mozart's MAGIC FLUTE is intended not only for children but for all music and theatre lovers keen to spend an hour learning the sights and sounds of opera.

Info, cast and tickets
9 [2×],12 December 2019

Wagner’s Worlds (5+)


Children’s concert with the grown-up Orchestra / Main stage

Wagner’s music and the operatic worlds he created feature prominently in the calendar of main-stage events and are also the mainstay of this moderated children’s concert given with the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Parallel to the launch of the new production of the RING OF THE NIBELUNG General Music Director Donald Runnicles himself will be conducting the event. One date is designed for nursery and school groups [Years 1-4] and one Sunday for families.

Info, cast and tickets
3, 7 May 2020

Who tells you to do what? (8+)


Performance by the Winter Holiday Music Lab / Tischlerei

Who tells you to do what? Who do you allow to give you instructions? And above all: what does it sound like? Is it really necessary? 60 children and teenagers will spend a week exploring and mixing sounds, writing songs, founding bands and building instruments – assisted by a raft of artists. All culminating in a performance at which they present their findings.

Info, cast and tickets
9 February 2020

Understand yourself! (9+ / 14+)


Closing performances by the Children’s and Youth Club / Tischlerei

You're supposed to understand each other! Yes, that's right, but first listen carefully. How does understanding work, how does it sound? Starting with a subject and ending with whatever the participants have made of it. Along the way there have been weekly rehearsals, writing sessions, brainstormings and instrument playing. Each club comes up with a work of musical theatre, taking it from initial idea to polished product and culminating in a public performance.

Info, cast and tickets
Children’s Club:
20, 21 June 2020 / 15.00
Youth Club: 20, 21 June 2020 / 20.00

Swinging for the final (10+)

BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin © 2016


Youth concert of the BigBand / Main stage

The bandmaster blows the whistle, the playing starts, the tension rises! Like football team, like big band – a perfect fusion of attack, midfield and defence. We’re heading for the final! Germany is in football fever. In June 2020 we have a date not only with the UEFA European Championship but also with a football concert given by the BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. School groups [17 June] and families [20 June] will get a humorous introduction to the world of jazz and see what a big band and a football team have in common.

Info, cast and tickets
17, 20 Junei 2020

Loud! ... The new participatory project (14+)

Get involved in a large-scale youth production

Develop a piece of music together, rehearse it with like-minded youngsters, be coached by pros and tread the boards at the end. We’re looking for teens aged 14 and up who want to be part of the next big youth production.

Kickoff: 15 February 2020

Rehearsals: Rehearsals: from 29 February on weekends; Easter holiday 2020

Registration: stang@deutscheoperberlin.de


New youth production with Berlin teenagers

Be loud! Our new youth production finds 40 youngsters teaming up with artists to make themselves heard. And also to explore what it is to listen. Who actually has something to say? What do the things that excite us sound like, and who do we show the result to? Since 2015, a transcultural, participatory production has been mounted annually, with a motley bunch of young people spending a number of weeks developing a work of musical theatre, to be presented in the Tischlerei.

Dramaturgy Kristina Stang, Jörg Königsdorf
With 40 youngsters

In German language / 90 mins

The LAUT! project is supported by "Zur Bühne", the support programme of the German Stage Association within the framework of "Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education".