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Young Opera:
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Musical theatre for a young audience

Our calendar of musical theatre for children and teenagers could not be more diverse. As well as ballet and musical theatre, we mount children’s opera in the Tischlerei and on the main stage. We perform in front of very young audiences in kindergartens. And we have five productions with children or teens performing onstage themselves.

Recommended age brackets

Information relating to age of participants is only a recommendation and is designed as a guide for those wishing to attend a performance with a group of children or teenagers.

All performances will be announced in due course in the newsletter and here on our website.

Loud! ... The participatory project (13+)

For teenagers aged 13 and over

Wann wirst du laut? Wofür erhebst du deine Stimme? Was hast du zu sagen? Mit When do you shout out loud? In what situations do you raise your voice? What do you have to say? Who do you argue with? Who doesn’t get listened to? Be LOUD! Our big new youth production, featuring 20 performers aged 14+, gets its world premiere in the Tischlerei in late October. Assisted by professionals, the youngsters have been writing music, texts and scenes and making videos.

Director Jonas Egloff Music coach Misha Cvijovic Video Kalma Sets Cleo Niemeyer Vocal coaching Ganna Gryniva Dramaturgy Jörg Königsdorf, Tamara Schmidt With 20 teenagers

Duration 60 minutes / no interval

LAUT! receives assistance from »Zur Bühne«, the funding programme of the Deutscher Bühnenverein as part of the »Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung« programme.




LAUT! is a music theatre piece developed by young people between 14 and 18 years of age from different backgrounds. The rehearsals have already started in spring 2020 and will be resumed in autumn. We are still looking for new people who want to take part!


Here is our video feature for the project 2019 


The Snow Queen (8+)


Watch here the video trailer


Back on stage from 7 December 2020

Musical theatre by Samuel Penderbayne after Hans Christian Andersen with a text by Christian Schönfelder/ Tischlerei

For children aged 8 and over

Kai has gone. His character has changed overnight and he’s become mean and hurtful. His best friend Gerda sets out to find him and manages to liberate him from the ice palace of the Snow Queen. A company of singers and instrumentalists join a singer in recounting Andersen’s famous tale in the form of an upbeat road movie peppered with humour.

Production Brigitte Dethier Sets, costumes Carolin Mittler Gerda Sophia Körber Princess, robber girl, Laplander woman Alexandra Ionis Kay, Prince, robber Martin Gerke Snow Queen, Flower Queen, Robber Queen Hanna Plaß Clarinet, crow Jone Bolibar Núñez Violoncello, dove Louise Leverd Tuba, Bo, the reindeer Jack Adler-McKean Piano, flower Henriette Zahn Percussion, robber Daniel Eichholz

Duration 70 minutes / no interval

With assistance from the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. A collaboration with OperaLab Berlin

Expedition TIRILI (3 – 6)


Mobile musical theatre for kindergartens

For children aged 3 to 6

What do I sound like? And what does this room sound like? Really? We send two female performers to kindergartens where they lead the kids in exploring everyday sounds and new noises. Microphones home in on sounds, utterances get recorded on a loop to help children sing along to themselves, and a little bird drops in to take part.

EXPEDITION TIRILI is performed in kindergartens. Cost: Groups of max. 40 children aged 3 to 6: €150 flat fee [reduced price: €100]. Bookings only via our Ticket Service: info@deutscheoperberlin.de

Director Franziska Seeberg Sets, costumes Janina Janke With Pauline Jacob, Cathrin Romeis

Duration 40 minutes / no interval

5, 8, 9, 15 October 2020

The Nutcracker (4+)


Children dance for children

For children aged 5 and over

Christmas time, and with gift-giving over, Klara falls fast asleep. In her dream she is whisked away to the Land of Sweets in the company of the Nutcracker, the gift she cherishes the most.

In this abridged version of the fairy tale set to Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet music pupils of the Kinder Ballett Kompanie Berlin dance for groups of children and families.

Choreography, production, sets David Simic Costumes Theama for Dance Lighting Steffen Hoppe

Duration 80 minutes / with interval / recorded music track

4, 12, 21, 22 December 2020

Just do it! (6+)

Grand Finale of the Winter Holiday Music Lab / Tischlerei

For children aged 6 and over

What are you allowed to do – and what’s banned? And who checks up on you, anyway? Are you going to be the one who decides, from this day onwards? In this project, kids spend the winter holidays making music together, helped by artists. The children take the audience off to their own worlds, using any available instruments, or instruments they’ve made themselves, and using voice or electronic equipment and film, drama and creative writing.

With 60 children and artists

Duration 60 minutes / no interval

Winter Holiday Music Lab

For children and teenagers aged 8 to 12

In the Winter Holiday Music Lab children and artists spend a week together, acting, making music and experimenting with sounds and stories in a number of different groups. The results are performed in front of an audience at the end of the week.

Winter holiday 2021 /// Cost €45 / concessions €15


Us & Now (9+ / 14+)


Performances by the Children’s Club and Youth Club / Tischlerei

For children aged 9+ / For teens aged 14+

Who do you feel close to and why? What is your greatest wish? In our Children’s and Youth Clubs we celebrate community. Drama teachers and musicians work with a group of children and a group of teens and create two separate productions of musical theatre, to be performed in the Tischlerei.

With children, teenagers and artists

Duration 45 minutes / no interval / In planning


Get involved in the Children’s Club

For children and teenagers aged 9 to 12

You don’t need to be a professional to make musical theatre! You just need to have something to say, to have an ear for music and some ideas that you’d like to express onstage. With this raw material, and guided by a drama teacher and a musician, a group of youngsters meet regularly to create a work to be performed in the Tischlerei.

In planning


Get involved in the Youth Club

For teenagers aged 14 to 18

Do you like listening to, or making, music? Do you act, write your own texts or make videos? This is the place for anyone who likes the idea of meeting up regularly with other youngsters to create a work for the stage. With professional guidance, you will come up with a piece of musical theatre to be aired in two performances in the Tischlerei.

In planning


Watch the video project of our 2019/20 season here

The Tale of the Magic Flute (5+)


Children’s Opera after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

For children aged 5 and over

A narrator leads the audience through a short version of Mozart’s famous opera. A beautifully convoluted adventure revolving around Tamino and Papageno, who set off, equipped with magic flute and bells, to rescue a princess. The sinister Sarastro is out to stop them, but all ends well – and love prevails.

Conductor Yi-Chen Lin Staging, Cosumes Gerlinde Pelkowski Sets Thomas Gabriel Narrator Jörg Schörner Pamina Valeriia Savinskaia Queen Rainelle Krause Tamino Andrei Danilov Sarastro, Speaker Patrick Guetti u. a.

Duration 75 minutes / no interval