Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911)

An evening of musical theatre - Gustav Mahler requests the pleasure.





A progressive outlook versus fear of the unknown, the bitterness of the outsider versus a yearning for greener grass, a manic drive versus self-absorption… Gustav Mahler's music is a mass of contrasts and dualities linked only by a weak tissue of shifting balances. In Mahler's body of songs no less than in his nine symphonies, this inner conflict thrusts itself upon the audience with existential urgency: each song marks a way-station along a road that leads from the romantic idylls of the Wunderhorn via the familial intimacy of the Rückert –Lieder to the contemplative outlook of Far Eastern lyricism in the Lied von der Erde In its first production at the Deutsche Oper Berlin the Berlin theatre company "Nico and the Navigators" tackles the cosmos of Mahler's songs in an evening of poetical and physical expression that endeavours to distil this sifting of senses for the stage. For "Nico and the Navigators", following on from their successes with Handel's Orlando at the Hallenser Festspiele and Rossini's PETITE MESSE SOLENNELLE, this Mahler project featuring singers and musicians of the Deutsche Oper Berlin represents not only another excursion into musical theatre but also the beginning of a sustained collaboration with the opera house.

A Deutsche Oper Berlin Production in cooperation with Nico and the Navigators.

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