“This is what Berlin sounds like!”

Radio show featuring Berlin children and teenagers

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The sound of trains screeching to a halt in underground stations mixes with the din of pneumatic drills hammering away on the building sites of the city. Heady oriental beats throb from car radios. Next door someone is singing “Pack your swimming trunks!” Berlin is a cauldron of activity with all the sound effects that that involves. As with any metropolis, Berlin is always humming with activity and humming with the sounds of the city. And it might be an idea to listen more closely… The Winter Holidays Music Lab “What d’you sound like, Berlin?” is giving 50 kids and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 15 the chance to explore the city and the wealth of background sounds in a completely new way – ranging from a sound-effects radio play to street music and the singing workshop. Working with artists and musicians and supported by the Young Opera team, the children will spend a week of the winter holidays experimenting, recording, singing, dancing, mixing and playing music and doing a whole lot more besides. Organised in five different workshops, the children will present their results in a radio show in the Tischlerei on the final workshop day.

Armed with recording equipment and other kit, we will be attempting in a number of workshops to capture the sounds of our environment. We will be familiarising ourselves with Berlin songs [ranging from folk material to chart toppers] and visiting places that have unique musical stories to tell.

We will present the results of our research along with our workshop leaders and a whole lot of music in a radio show for all the family held at the end of the week of workshops.

In cooperation with „Kakadu“ (Deutschlandradio Kultur, 89.6 UKW). The radio show is scheduled for broadcast on 13th February 2015 between 7am and 9am on the “Kakadu” programme of Deutschlandradio Kultur [89.6 UKW].