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A warm welcome to you all as we embark on a season that promises to be truly exceptional. Usually our productions mark the culmination of years of preparation, but as things stand at the moment we are not even sure if we will at last be launching our new RING OF THE NIBELUNG cycle as scheduled on 27th September with THE VALKYRIE. We are trying our best to keep to this date but have opted to publish calendar dates only as far as 26th September. But even over that short period we have some great fare on offer: our »Open Opera« series presents a reprise of our production of THE RHINEGOLD on the elevated parking deck and a string of concertante performances of Italian opera, and we have a world premiere lined up in the form of BABY DOLL. For all the sorely missed activity over the past weeks and months, we can safely say that each of the evenings mentioned here are an opportunity for you and us to savour musical theatre in new and different ways. Best wishes from Thomas Fehrle, Donald Runnicles and Dietmar Schwarz