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The Ring of the Nibelung:
The Ring of the Nibelung

Since the founding of the Deutsche Oper Berlin over a century ago, the opera house has been inseparably linked to THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG. New productions of the work were always responses to the question as to the relevance of Wagner’s cycle to the youth of a given decade. 35 years after Götz Friedrich’s legendary version it is now time for a new edition of the RING. The following pages provide a glimpse of what is spurring on the people involved in our new production of the RING. We also present the key facts relating to the run, to enable you to start planning your RING evening.

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A heroic journey
From climate change to refugee crisis: Donald Runnicles, General Music Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, and director Stefan Herheim are of one mind: the RING is as relevant today as it has ever been.

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The string puller
Nothing happens at the Deutsche Oper Berlin without his say-so. Uwe Arsand is master of stage machinery and rigging. With the RING he’s exceeding his own high standards

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Richard Wagner – Premiere on 12 June 2021
The Rhinegold
Conductor: Donald Runnicles; Director: Stefan Herheim; With Derek Welton, Joel Allison, Robert Watson, Thomas Blondelle, Markus Brück, Ya-Chung Huang, Andrew Harris, Tobias Kehrer, Annika Schlicht, Judit Kutasi et al.

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Richard Wagner – Premiere on 27 September 2020
The Valkyrie
Conductor: Donald Runnicles; Director: Stefan Herheim; With Brandon Jovanovich, Tobias Kehrer, John Lundgren, Lise Davidsen, Annika Schlicht, Nina Stemme et al.

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Wand’rers and other refugees
We searchers on an endless quest! The RING tells the eternal tale of the waxing and waning of our ideas and world views. The message is as relevant today as it was 150 years ago: the game may be finished, but it’s never over.
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Richard Wagner – Premiere on 18 April 2021
Conductor: Donald Runnicles; Director: Stefan Herheim; With Simon O'Neill, Ya-Chung Huang, Iain Paterson, Markus Brück, Tobias Kehrer, Lindsay Ammann, Nina Stemme

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Richard Wagner – Premiere on 17 October 2021 [no advanced ticket sales 2020/21]
Twilight of the Gods
Conductor: Donald Runnicles; Director: Stefan Herheim; With Simon O’Neill, Thomas Lehman, Jordan Shanaham, Gidon Saks, Nina Stemme, Aile Asszonyi, Okka van der Damerau

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The heir
For Norwegian director Stefan Herheim THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG is not a work of the past, but rather one that points toward the future

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The Rhinegold

The Valkyrie
Are Scandinavians the people best suited to singing Wagner’s female roles? Nina Stemme and Lise Davidsen on the impressive power of Brünnhilde and Sieglinde

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The Valyrie

The coil of luck
Siegfried’s main theme is played on the horn – and a lot can go wrong on the night. Daniel Adam on cracked notes and trust in God

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Moving in good circles
Great ideas need great supporters. And great stories contain eternity at their core – the end of the final chapter heralds a brand-new saga. So it was only natural that the first meeting of the friends and supporters of the new RING production should take place in the wings of the last performance of Götz Friedrich’s version of the RING. The new production of the RING would not have been possible without the Society of Friends and Patrons and one very special circle of supporters.
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