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Young Opera:
Being right at the centre of events, listening to music, getting off on some pretty ‘sick’ stories, singing along, acting along… All that and more is possible at Young Opera. We get up on the main stage and huddle down in the Tischlerei, we visit kindergartens and schools, refugee centres and youth centres. Our programme ranges from concerts for babies to transcultural performances, from family workshops to composition labs, from further training for kindergarten teachers to performances that complement school curricula.

We look forward to meeting you!
Tamara Schmidt, Head of Young Opera

Young Opera's performances

Extended registration until the end of January 2019
Sign up for the “Common Sounds” (15+)
Meet people from other cultures, make music together and be coached by big-name Arab, Persian and European artists. You’ll spend a week making music in various daytime workshops and playing, eating, jamming and chilling in the evenings. You’ll round off the week by presenting your own COMMON SOUND mini festival!


The Festival

On 26 March 2019
Children’s Chorus anniversary concert (6+)
Everything began with CARMEN in March 2009, when the newly created Children’s Chorus appeared for the first time on the main stage of our opera house before a large audience. To mark its tenth anniversary the Children’s and Youth Chorus is now inviting you to enjoy a concert. The evening revolves around “Mass of the Children” by John Rutter. With this very special concert the Children’s Chorus celebrates its tenth anniversary, the Youth Chorus its fifth anniversary!

About the Children's Chorus

The concert

On 10 February 2019
Workshop to „The Swallow“
In a series of exercises and acted-out scenes the participants will familiarise themselves with the storyline of the piece and can enjoy getting to grips with the music.

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15 and 17 February 2019
Children’s Concert: “Strong Voices”
The human voice soars and falls, is shrill and loud, soft and delicate. And everyone carries their voice about their person! We show how it can be used to express feelings!

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Amateur opera: free time, family and friends

We throw the stage open to exhibitionists, thinkers and the curious! Be it a project or a production: we want your ideas, opinions, stories and experiences … onstage and backstage.



Our Get Involved activities
Classroom outing to the opera

We can help attune your pupils to opera and will make sure that every outing has a lasting effect on your youngsters. Be a school class sponsor for a premiere or get to know us and what we do by attending workshops, tours or one of our performances.



Our options for school classes
A partner for teachers

What do school children need to know? And what does theatre involve? What ways of conveying information should you be using in class and which works are suitable for your pupils? How can musical theatre, as aesthetic and didactic creative principles, be woven into the school curriculum?



Our options for teachers
Tickets for children and teenagers for €10.00 – on 16 February 2019
Puccini: “La Rondine”
Puccini’s only comedy revolves around Magda, the opulent, romantically inclined hostess of a Paris salon. Yearning for love, she gradually realises that no real-life relationship is really as sweet as the dream of true love itself. And so the prophecy of the local poet is borne out: Like a swallow (ital. rondine, la), Magda flies off towards love, abandoning Ruggero, her current flame, all forlorn. ...
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Concerts for Kids – from 25 February 2019
A boat, a stick, an umbrella (3+)

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We visit your kindergarten or primary school – Dates from 4 March 2019
A Cuckoo in my Suitcase (5+)

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Part of our day-to-day activities
“Rhapsody in School”
Donald Runnicles, our General Music Director, opted for some hands-on involvement with this project, visiting the John F. Kennedy School on 6th September to offer pupils from the 11th and 12th grade some insights into rehearsal work and to work on Alban Berg’s WOZZECK. The pupils were then invited to observe a rehearsal at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and later attend a performance of the finished product.

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Part of our day-to-day activities
“Real Dreams”
In the autumn of 2018 pupils associated with our ‘school class sponsor’ project, i.e. Classes 1 and 2 from Lietzensee Primary School, were involved in the musical-theatre production NACHT BIS ACHT. Everyday objects were transformed into absurd characters, weird and wonderful spatial entities and acoustic gadgets. They then put the objects on display at their school in mid-October 2018 and in the Deutsche Oper Berlin as part of the NACHT BIS ACHT performances.

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Part of our day-to-day activities
Music lab in the autumn holidays
Which people would I do anything for and which people do I prefer to avoid? What unites us and who do I want in my gang? Over 50 children and teenagers spent a week (22nd and 28th October) exploring the notions of friendship and trust, exclusion and belonging, Them versus Us. The youngsters sallied forth into the city, researching sounds, meeting experts, developing sets of questions, looking for answers. And they found …yet more questions.

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