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Young Opera:
We are here for you!
Welcome to the Junge Deutsche Oper! Welcome to our performances, workshops, projects and to diverse experiences on stage and in the auditorium. We can't wait to take it all back together with you and yours. As long as we can't play normally and welcome you and you to our opera house, we have some digital formats on these pages. Have fun browsing!

Tamara Schmidt / schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de
Hanna Laurisch / jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de
Sisko Trumpfheller / fsj-jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de

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Young Opera's performances

It's going on
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You don't have to be a professional to do musical theatre! It's enough to have something to say, ideas in your head that you want to put on stage, and music in your ears. In a fixed group, under the guidance of a theatre teacher and a musician, a musical theatre play is created that is performed in the Tischlerei.

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Here we go again
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Who do you belong to, who is close to you? Who is your WE, right now in this moment? Who was it yesterday, who should it remain in the future? We are always part of groups: school classes, clubs, families, neighbourhoods, circles of friends, states. But not every one of these groups is a WE. In the real WE, everyone has to be part of it so that it becomes a whole; no one is interchangeable.

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Subtitle article 4
This was LOUD!
LAUT! is a music theatre piece developed by young people aged 14 to 18 from different backgrounds. Rehearsals had already started in spring 2020 and resumed in autumn. The premiere took place on 24 October 2020.

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Digital Instrument Presentation: Trumpet
Mozart didn't like trumpets and playing the trumpet without a trumpet sounds pretty strange. Pauline from our children's chorus takes you to meet the trumpeters of the orchestra.

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TUSCH - Theatre and School

What are you passionate about and what are you prepared to put up with? The pupils of our TUSCH partner school Peter-Ustinov-Schule in Charlottenburg interview a stage designer, an orchestra musician and other staff members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and then themselves. During a project week in January 2021, they will develop their own artistic project under the direction of theatre pedagogue Elly Jarvis and video artist Kalma.



Our activities for school classes
TUKI - Theatre and Daycare

Since October 2020, the director Franziska Seeberg and the theatre pedagogue Lisa Schwabe have been going on a research trip with the children of our TUKI partner day care centre Kastanienallee Westend. TUKI stands for "Theater und Kita" (Theatre and Daycare) and research trip means: the children and artists explore the everyday space of the daycare centre - which has now changed somewhat due to Corona - using artistic means. We are curious to see what artistic research questions and results they will come up with and look forward to the small presentation in spring!



Our activities for daycares
A partner for teachers

What do school children need to know? And what does theatre involve? What ways of conveying information should you be using in class and which works are suitable for your pupils? How can musical theatre, as aesthetic and didactic creative principles, be woven into the school curriculum?



Our options for teachers
We are grateful for the great support
Our children's chorus at the Olympic Stadium
Due to the Infection Protection Act, it was not possible for our children's and youth chorus to use the usual premises. The total of 150 choir members simply lacked a sufficiently large place where the applicable hygiene regulations and distance rules could be easily observed in order to rehearse together on a regular basis. The Olympiastadion Berlin came to the rescue! Listen to John Rutter's "I believe in springtime" here.
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Dietmar Schwarz and Kristina Stang read Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale
The Snow Queen

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See the working recording of our production here
The Snow Queen

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Orchestral music at school
After the autumn holidays, orchestra musicians will visit your class, either alone or in small groups together with a Music theatre pedagogue. They will present their music, their instrument and themselves in 90-minute moderated discussion concerts ...

Our Introduction to instruments

Film project of the children and youth club / digital
Understand you!
You're supposed to understand each other! Yeah, right, but first listen carefully. How goes, how does understanding sound? The children's club with children from 9-12 years and the youth club for 14-18 year olds have joined forces and investigated understanding physically, with sounds, pictures and storytelling. The result is something unique: a joint short film, produced at a distance and presented on our homepage. To be seen from 20 June 2020, 7 p.m.


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Guided tours behind the scenes
We can also welcome guests backstage again and look forward to welcoming you and your school classes who would like to take a look behind the scenes on a guided tour through the opera house. Contact us and we will discuss the conditions with you and find a suitable date together.

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