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Young Opera:
We are here for you!
Welcome to the Junge Deutsche Oper! Welcome to our performances, workshops, projects and to diverse experiences on stage and in the auditorium. We can't wait to take it all back together with you and yours. As long as we can't play normally and welcome you and you to our opera house, we have some digital formats on these pages. Have fun browsing!

Tamara Schmidt / schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de
Hanna Laurisch / jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de
Sisko Trumpfheller / fsj-jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de

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Young Opera's performances

Premiere on the parking deck on 13 June 2021
Beethoven – A life
A musical journey through time based on the idea and book by Thomas Sutter. Compositions by Thomas Sutter and Sinem Altan ... A project of the ATZE Musiktheater in cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin ... For all from 10

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Open-Air on the parking deck on 6 June 2021
1st Jazz Festival: The Jungle Book
Actor Christian Brückner reads excerpts from Rudyard Kipling's classic of adventure literature, accompanied by the band playing Jungle Jazz ... For all from 8

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Digital Instrument Presentation
The Violoncello
Cellos can grow very old, and tell of deep feelings in opera music: Clara from our children's chorus visits four cellists of our orchestra.

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Digital Instrument Presentation
Mozart didn't like trumpets and playing the trumpet without a trumpet sounds pretty strange. Pauline from our children's chorus takes you to meet the trumpeters of the orchestra.

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TUSCH - Theatre and School

What are you passionate about and what are you prepared to put up with? The pupils of our TUSCH partner school Peter-Ustinov-Schule in Charlottenburg not only asked themselves these questions, but also the staff of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. During a project week in January 2021, they developed their own artistic project under the direction of theatre pedagogue Elly Jarvis and video artist Kalma. They showed the results of this digital project week at the TUSCH Festival in March.



TUKI - Theatre and Daycare

Normally, stage director Franziska Seeberg and theatre pedagogue Lisa Schwabe go to our TUKI partner day care centre Kastanienallee Westend every week, and explore music, theatre and the everyday space of the day care centre with the children there. During these special times, the work takes place primarily at a distance - and in the living room of the families! The TUKI artists have come up with numerous play ideas, videos and theatre experiments that invite you to try them out.



A partner for teachers

Which teaching formats do you need in your lessons? How can you integrate music theatre as aesthetic and pedagogical creative principles into everyday school life? And how can we initiate artistic encounters and bring music theatre into the school in times of homeschooling, split classes and closed theatres? We develop a tailor-made programme for you and your class.



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Subtitle article 9
Our Children's Club and Youth Club
Who do you belong to, who is close to you? Who is your WE, right now in this moment? Who was it yesterday, who should it remain in the future? We are always part of groups: school classes, clubs, families, neighbourhoods, circles of friends, states. But not every one of these groups is a WE. In the real WE, everyone has to be part of it so that it becomes a whole, no one is interchangeable. The children's club and the youth club have been rehearsing digitally since February and are developing their ...
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It was LOUD!
LOUD! is a music theatre piece that was developed by young people between 14 and 18 years of age from different cultural backgrounds. The premiere took place on 24 October 2020.

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Subtitle article 11
Understand yourselves!
The children's club with children from 9-12 years and the youth club for 14-18 year olds have joined forces and investigated understanding physically, with sounds, pictures and storytelling. The result is something unique: a joint short film...

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„If you’ve lost your drums“
You always need an instrument to make music? The percussion group from our orchestra shows how you can make music with your own body and groove properly.


Whether Magic Flute, Carmen or something completely different
Digital favourite pieces
Artists of the ensemble and orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin sing and play their favourite pieces. A warm invitation to rummage through this musical treasure chest!

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Opera and school
Digital encounters
We support you with teaching materials, provide you with production videos on request or design a digital project week with your class. It is our intention to initiate artistic encounters and bring music theatre into schools, even in times of homeschooling, alternating lessons and closed theatres.

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