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Young Opera:
We are here for you!
Even if we are currently unable to work with you either at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, or in schools or daycare centres, we are still here and look forward to hearing your ideas, wishes or questions:

Management: Kristina Stang T + 49 30 343 84-534 / stang@deutscheoperberlin.de

Employee: Leonie Arnhold / T +49 [30]-343 84 474

FSJ Culture: Friederike Wolff

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Young Opera's performances

In clubs and music labs
When children and young people storm the stage
In the children's and youth clubs as well as in the holiday laboratories, young people come together every season for whom opera is a permanent fixture, for many even a home, but certainly a place to encounter. In these videos you can see impressions from the Winter Holiday Lab 2020: "Who tells you what" and from the clubs in June 2019: "The Catchy Tale" and "Quality Time".

Music Lab (video)

From our Clubs (video)

Film project of the children and youth club / digital
Understand you!
You're supposed to understand each other! Yeah, right, but first listen carefully. How goes, how does understanding sound? The children's club with children from 9-12 years and the youth club for 14-18 year olds have joined forces and investigated understanding physically, with sounds, pictures and storytelling. The result is something unique: a joint short film, produced at a distance and presented on our homepage. To be seen from 20 June 2020, 7 p.m.


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An adaptation for children from 5 years of age after Mozart's great opera
The Fairy Tale of the Magic Flute
A wonderfully tangled adventure game about Tamino and Papageno, who, armed with flute and glockenspiel, set out to rescue the princess. The sinister Sarastro does not make it easy for them, but in the end, freedom - and love - awaits them all.

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A music theatre for children from 8 years of age based on Andersen's fairy tale
The Snow Queen
Kay's gone. From one moment to the next he has changed, is mean and hurtful - his best friend Gerda sets off and can finally free him from the Snow Queen's ice palace. Singers, instrumentalists and an actress tell Andersen's well-known fairy tale as a road movie with a lot of wit and speed.

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Amateur opera: free time, family and friends

For projects on and behind the stage, children, young people and families with their ideas, their joy of playing and their curiosity are in demand. We will publish the club and music lab activities for the coming 2020/21 season in due course. See here what was on the schedule for the 19/20 season.



Our Get Involved activities
Classroom outing to the opera

We make your way to the opera easier and ensure that every visit is a lasting experience for your students and pupils. Become a sponsor class for a premiere or get to know us in workshops, on guided tours or in our performances. We will publish future projects at a later date. The projects of the past season may give you an impression of our activities.



Our options for school classes
A partner for teachers

What do school children need to know? And what does theatre involve? What ways of conveying information should you be using in class and which works are suitable for your pupils? How can musical theatre, as aesthetic and didactic creative principles, be woven into the school curriculum?



Our options for teachers
Visit us as a family or with a school class
Jules Massenet: Don Quichotte
Don Quixote is the man who tilts at windmills. He who takes up with a horde of bandits. And whose love is returned by the beautiful Dulcinea. Yet the "knight of the sorrowful countenance" must come to realise that his dreams have no place in the reality of others. Jules Manneset's Don Quichotte is a "comédie heroique" about aging, about the past, and about the extent to which life can become a dream and a dream can come to life.
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When the opera comes to the daycare centers
Expedition TIRILI
For the "Mobile Musical Theatre" we travel with light luggage, without elaborate stage design, because we play on location, in the day-care centres. Pauline Jacob and Cathrin Romeis sing, perform and make music.

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Youth Production
Loud! ...
Our large-scale youth production LAUT! with professionals and teenagers from 14 years on could not come to the premiere in April. We will continue and will inform soon here when something will be shown.

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Artists in school
Rhapsody goes Opera
In a joint initiative with »Rhapsody in School« well-known soloists present themselves and their instruments to children on the school premises. Afterwards the pupils see the artist in action at a rehearsal in the opera house.

About Rhapsody goes Opera

A ring-side seat in the build-up to opening nights
Class sponsorships
A school class watches from the sidelines as a production takes shape. Our young visitors will be experts on the relevant work once they’ve watched a rehearsal, talked with the artists, taken a workshop and attended a performance.

Our Class Sponsorships

All about "Drums"
Percussionists in the orchestra play very different instruments - from the triangle to the xylophone to the wind machine. 1st solo timpanist Benedikt Leithner invites primary school classes into the world of percussion.

Our Introduction to instruments