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Options for teachers

Contact: schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de / +49 [30]-343 84 534

  • Staff Outing to the Opera

    The theatre is a place of interaction and encounter! We will organise an evening at the Deutsche Oper Berlin for your entire staff room, your department or your day-care centre team. Select a performance and we will organise cut-price tickets and give you an informal pep talk on the opera you’re about to see.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  • Further Training for Teachers

    We give teacher training seminars and use specific productions to illustrate teaching methods. Where possible, we sit in on a rehearsal together. Aimed at all those interested in incorporating music and theatre into their instruction timetables or day-care centre programme! We also offer hermetic courses for entire teaching staffs, day-care centre teams and as a part of specialised seminars. 


    9 – 10 October 2018;  9.00 – 16.00h
    Songs in the daycare

    27 – 28 November 2018; 9.00 – 16.00h
    Group exercises

    4 – 5 April 2019; 9.00 – 16.00h
    Bring stories to the stage


    The educator trainings are offered in the Berliner Institut für Frühpädagogik [Berlin Institute for Early Childhood Education]. Information, costs and registration at www.biff.eu 

  • Seminar Schools

    With seminar schools from Berlin, such as the Schulpraktischen Seminar Lichtenberg, we have a close cooperation. Trainee teachers of various disciplines learn methods of music theater education and aesthetic education on seminar days in order to apply them as an inherent part of their work. The evening will end with the joint visit of an opera performance.

  • Materials Folders

    As an accompaniment to selected productions we put together extensive kits giving information on the opera concerned and the production and offering teaching suggestions, enabling teachers to focus with their group on important aspects of the production.



    Material folders (in German language)

    Das Geheimnis der blauen Hirsche
    Kindermusiktheater von Annechien Koerselman [Download] (1,2 MB)

    Die Liebe zu den drei Orangen
    Oper von Sergej Prokofjew [Download] (17MB)
    Die Zauberflöte
    Oper von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [Download] (3,1 MB)
    Der Ring: Next Generation
    Cross-Culture-Jugendprojekt [Download] (5MB)
    Oper von Giuseppe Verdi [Download] (4MB)
    Kannst du pfeifen, Johanna
    Kindermusiktheater von Gordon Kampe [Download] (6 MB)
    Gilgamesh Must Die!
    Konzerttheater von und mit The bianca Story [Download] (3MB)
    Musiktheater von Leonard Evers [Download] (1MB)


  • Newsletter

    In our newsletters for teachers and day-care centre staff we notify you every eight weeks of current offers relating to the programme and keep you informed of projects, initiatives and offers of interest. To register for the newsletters.