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Projects for Day-Care-Centres

We have set ourselves the goal of using the resources of our theatre to foster and expand cultural education for young children in the mid to long term. The encounters take place at the Deutsche Oper Berlin or in the kindergarten.


Contact: stang@deutscheoperberlin.de / +49 [30]-343 84 534

TUKI ForscherTheater

Research-oriented musical theatre at nursery school

We team up with Kastanienallee Nursery School and set off in search of art and artistry, channelling the energies of the children in the same quest. A collaboration with TUKI ForscherTheater.


Project leader: Franziska Seeberg


New mobile musical theatre

A Research-Theatre production with TUKI Bühne

For the " Mobile musical theatre" we travel with light luggage, without elaborate stage design, because we play locally, in the kindergartens. Children are a great audience: open, curious, enthusiastic. They miss neither curtain nor orchestra and have no firm idea of how an audience should behave.


Children are born researchers. Two musicians visit them with their equipment in the kindergarten and go on a music-theatrical research trip with them. Together they ask themselves: How are sounds created? What does music consist of? Who or what is this mysterious TIRILI? For "Expedition TIRILI" we are working together with children from our Kastanienallee kindergarten. In the run-up to the expedition, the kindergarten experimented with sounds and themes. This process flowed into the development of the production.

Information about the mobile theatre, cast, dates

Dates: 17, 22, 23, 24, 30 January 2020
3, 4 February 2020

27, 28, 29, 30 April 2020
Dates in May and June 2020 will be announced later

Dramatic advisors: Lars Gebhardt
Director: Franziska Seeberg

Duration: 40 minutes / no interval

Age: 3 – 6

Tickets: info@deutscheoperberlin.de
T + 49 30 343 84-343

Requirements for booking: We play in kindergartens in Berlin and the surrounding area. The event is conceived for an audience of up to 40 children. For larger groups we offer double performances on request. A free, clean playing area of at least 4 x 3 metres and sufficient space for the children watching is required for playing. The performers* also need a lockable room for singing and moving.

Back-stage tours for children

Secret paths, enchanting places

There’s so much for little children to discover onstage and backstage, in the props store and rehearsal rooms - something to interest everyone concerning daily life behind the scenes at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.


Dates: By arrangement
Duration: 30-60 mins
For children aged 4 and over
Contact: jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de