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Projects for Day-Care-Centres

We have set ourselves the goal of using the resources of our theatre to foster and expand cultural education for young children in the mid to long term. The encounters take place at the Deutsche Oper Berlin or in the kindergarten.


Contact: stang@deutscheoperberlin.de / +49 [30]-343 84 534

TUKI ForscherTheater

Research-oriented musical theatre at nursery school

We team up with Kastanienallee Nursery School and set off in search of art and artistry, channelling the energies of the children in the same quest. A collaboration with TUKI ForscherTheater.


Project leader: Franziska Seeberg


New mobile musical theatre

Mobiles Musiktheater: Kuckuck im Koffer © 2015

A Research-Theatre production with TUKI Bühne

7,000 children have seen A CUCKOO IN MY SUITCASE since it opened in 2015. Over the winter of 2019 the Deutsche Oper will team up with TUKI ForscherTheater and Berlin nursery-school children to create a new production, launching in January 2020. The new mobile theatre will tour Berlin, transforming nursery-school rooms into opera stages. Toddlers between the ages of 3 and 6 can again follow sounds and movements, exploring the world creatively through the medium of musical theatre.

Dates ... will be announced at a later date

Dramatic advisors: Kristina Stang, Lars Gebhardt
Director: Franziska Seeberg

Duration: 40 minutes / no interval

Age: 3 – 6

Tickets: info@deutscheoperberlin.de
T + 49 30 343 84-343

Back-stage tours for children

Secret paths, enchanting places

There’s so much for little children to discover onstage and backstage, in the props store and rehearsal rooms - something to interest everyone concerning daily life behind the scenes at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.


Dates: By arrangement
Duration: 30-60 mins
For children aged 4 and over
Contact: jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de