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Projects for Day-Care Centres

We have set ourselves the goal of using the resources of our theatre to foster and expand cultural education for young children in the mid to long term. The encounters take place at the Deutsche Oper Berlin or in the kindergarten. Contact: schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de / +49 [30]-343 84 534

  • A Cuckoo in my Suitcase

    Mobiles Musiktheater: Kuckuck im Koffer © Stephan Bögel


    A Cuckoo In My Suitcase (3 – 6)


    Mobile musical theatre for kindergarten and primary school - by Matthias Kaul
    A work commissioned by Young Opera.

    Musical direction and instrument manufacture: Matthias Kaul; Stage direction: Maria-Magdalena Kwaschik; Costumes: Anja Wendler
    With Gina May Walter / Bini Lee; Magnús Hallur Jónsson / Martin Gerke

    A meeting between two very different people. Both are on a journey and happen to be stranded in a kindergarten/school. Their few belongings fit into a suitcase, practical and impractical things that mean a lot to them and which they’ve accumulated on the road - a Gopichand (an Indian stringed instrument), electric toothbrushes, a clothes brush, three table spoons, etc. And as it turns out, they can make music using their own voices, the two suitcases and their contents. The whisk does service as a fiddle, a suitcase becomes a double bass and the spoons produce a sound akin to a glockenspiel. But there’s a snag: the two travellers speak different languages and are very different in other ways too, so conflict and friction is inevitable. But by means of sounds and gestures the two individuals manage to make themselves understood, tell their respective stories and the tales of the items in their luggage and along with the children in the audience discover the acoustic world of the other person…

    The world of musical theatre captivates people from a very early age. Young children love to follow and participate in the play of colour and transformation, sounds and movement. Presented with a continuous interplay of action and observation, activity and calm, sound and silence, they can concentrate for a sustained period of time and immerse themselves in a stage experience. With this in mind the Young Opera section launched a new programme in 2015: A CUCKOO IN MY SUITCASE is a travelling production that tours kindergartens and schools, playing to kids aged 3 to 6. Composer Matthias Kaul and director Maria-Magdalena Kwaschik have come up with a musical play for two actor-singers, a play that we stage in a fresh version at every new venue.

    4– 8, 11, 26, 27, 29 March
    1– 3, 8, 9, 11, 12 April 2019 [mobil]

  • Projects for Day-Care Centres

    In collaboration with the Berlin network for culture and early learning, the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Evangelical day-care centre will co-host regular musical-theatre encounters and journeys of discovery.

    Presentation: Summer 2019 in the context of TUKI-Festival [Podewil]
    Nursery-school teachers: Friederike Dunger, Sören Schrader

  • TUKI ForscherTheater

    We have been selected as one of three theatres to take part in the TUKI ForscherTheater project from the end of this season onwards. This means we will spend two years dabbling in a new area – that of cultural education for infants! The ForscherTheater is an exploratory, artistic quest – facilitated by experts and playwrights – which looks at the inquisitiveness of children with a view to coming up with answers to scientific questions that arise from the environment in which they live. The youngsters use their creativity and senses to apply the results of their “research”, mould them into musical theatre and present them to live audiences on a regular basis.


    A collaboration with TUKI – Theater und Kita Berlin