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Initiatives for school classes

We offer workshops, tours and customised talks to accompany your group’s attendance at a particular event. We are also involved in partnerships and long-term projects as an art intermediary. We present our activities and events in these pages. Please contact us if you have proposals or require additional information. All performances will be announced in due course in the newsletter and on our website.

Our newsletters are published regularly and provide you with all the dates and supplementary up-to-date information on our performances and concerts, offers to join in and recommendations for performances on the main stage and in the Tischlerei. You can choose between the "Kita" and "Schule" newsletters. Simply subscribe to your newsletter by e-mail to


Orchestral music at school


As long as you and your pupils are not yet able to come to the opera house for workshops and rehearsal visits as usual, we will increasingly come to your school. After the autumn holidays, orchestra musicians will visit your class, either alone or in small groups together with a music theatre pedagogue. They will present their music, their instrument and themselves in 90-minute moderated discussion concerts - naturally in compliance with all applicable hygiene rules for schools and theatres. We are pleased about your interest. Tell us the class level and size, previous experience, room size (as large as possible!) and unfavourable weekdays (if available) and we will create a match.

Write to us please!

Workshops for school classes


We want to help teachers make their school-class visit to the opera an exciting and enriching experience for all concerned, which is why we lay on preparatory workshops for school classes to accompany almost all performances scheduled for the main stage and the Tischlerei. We provide a fun and practical 90-minute introduction to the opera’s storyline and music and the specificities of the relevant production. Workshops usually take place at the opera house but we can also visit schools.

Free of charge, except for attendance at actual performances [€8 per ticket]

Duration 90 minutes

Backstage tours


The Deutsche Oper Berlin is a fascinating microcosm. 550 people work here in a multitude of capacities, not counting the numerous guest artists. All of them are essential to the smooth functioning of the opera house. A tour provides school and kindergarten groups with an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes. What the inside of the orchestra pit looks like, why the foyer is designed as it is and what the stages are in the gestation of an opera production… all this and more is conveyed to the children and teenagers in the course of a tour.

Write to us please!

Sponsorship classes



Sponsorship classes are in on the evolution of a new production destined for performance on the main stage or in the Tischlerei. During rehearsals, in talks and workshops and in the run-up to an attendance the school kids gain insights into the relevant work and the stages of its development.

TUSCH – Theatre and SCHool


Our partnership with the Peter Ustinov School in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is a close and productive one and goes back some years. For the third consecutive year we have been working as part of »TUSCH Plus« to help the school to enhance and expand its cultural profile. The partnership is due to wind up soon – and we are looking forward to finding out what the end result is!


Weitere Informationen auch unter tusch.de



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