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Get involved! Workshops & Clubs

For limelight junkies, thinkers and the inquisitive: Young Opera gives you all a stage! Your stories, ideas, opinions and experiences are needed for projects and productions - both onstage and backstage.

Contact: schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de / Tel.: +49 [30]-343 84 534

  • Opera Mice (6 – 10)

    Rolando Villazón zu Gast bei den Opernmäusen © Stephan Bögel

    Opera Mice (6+)

    The Opernmäuse ('opera mice') are back and they're taking over the opera house! Looking, listening, learning..., they're peeking behind the scenes, taking tours and workshops, being asked for their impressions at rehearsals of our children's productions and generally peering and probing into every nook and cranny of the Opera. All we can say is: Go for it!

    Opernmäuse membership covers a whole season. Mäuse meetings are held around once a month, on different weekdays, from 14 September 2018 onwards.
    One-off fee of € 20,- [Places are limited.]
    Registrations via Ticket Service of the Deutsche Oper Berlin
    Tel.: +49 [30] 343 84 343


  • Autumn Holidays Project (8 – 14)


    Impressionens from a Workshop: Making-Of-Video

    Radio show featuring Berlin children and teenagers (8 - 14)

    Register now with this PDF-Document

    For one whole week we will be moving around Berlin collecting sounds and trying to learn more about the various thoroughfares of the city and its inhabitants. ‘We’ are the 50 children and teenagers aged 8 to 14 taking part in the winter-holiday music lab organised by Young Opera. The aim of a number of workshops is for kids to record the sounds of our environment. We will be conducting interviews with Berliners and working the material into creative performances. Together with our workshop leader we will present the results of our research in an audio show.

    Workshop-Period: 22 – 28 October 2018
    Presentation: 28 October 2018, 15.00h [Tischlerei]
    Fee: € 45,– / red. € 15,–
    If you are interested, please contact jungedeutscheoper@deutscheoperberlin.de


  • Children’s Club (9 – 12)


    Children's Club © Stephan Bögel

    Songs you can’t get out of your head – A performance by the Children’s Club

    Some songs can really get on your nerves. You whirl around, try to flush your ears out, do a cartwheel or a bungee jump, but nothing helps. They’re lodged in your head and won’t be quiet. Some are so stubborn they plague us till the day we die. But there are good ones, too, the ones we like. The ones we hold on to and take care of because they remind us of good times – a school outing, a game of hockey, our first love. And some of those insistent songs can even brighten up the darkest of moods.


    What is it about some songs that make them stick in our minds? And do we have any say in what triggers them and what effect they have on us?


    In recent months members of the Children’s Club have been hard at work in the Catchy Song tailor’s workshop cutting up tunes, cropping texts, triggering memories and ranking beats on the catchiness scale. This is the secret factory where the unforgettable chestnuts – the welcome ones and the annoying ones - are cobbled together before being sent out into the ears of the people.


    It’s not often that the secret workshop opens its doors to the public, and the next chances to get a peek will be on the 22nd and 23rd June 2019. But beware: enter at your own risk!


    Presentations: 22, 23 June 2019 [Tischlerei]


    Director: Frieda Dunger
    Conductor: Kathrin von Kieseritzky
    Set and Costume design: Ariane Leonie Stamatescu
    Dramaturgy: Tamara Schmidt
    Assistants: Hanna Laurisch, Rufina Kaehler

    With Cary Schorling, Clara Linder, Emilia Warnemünde, Emily Göbel, Kari Geisinger, Laura Lucas, Luna Jonker, María Odriozola, Mia Cuber, Raguel Kaehler, Tamar Aviad, Vivien Rabenhold


    The project is co-funded by “Zur Bühne”, the development programme of the German Theatre and Orchestra Association as part of the “Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung” initiative.
    A project of Young Opera in partnership with Nachbarschaftszentrum Divan e.V. and the Berlin Mondiale programme of Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.


  • Youth Club (14 – 18)

    Youth Club © Stephan Bögel

    Quality Time – A performance by the Youth Club

    There’s never any time. We hardly have time to rehearse for the project. There’s so much to do, what with school, after-hours tutoring, work placements, rehearsals, family. And then again, we have too much time. There’s nothing that we can’t find time for. We’re dead tired. And bored. There are times when we just can’t go on. We’re bored to death. There’s too much to get done. We lie on our beds and time just drags.


    In the youth club we talk about our lives. We’re doing this work-experience project studying other people’s lives - in Berlin and on another continent. We learning about the kind of things that affect their daily routine. What are their options? What decisions do they have to take? We ask things of you and ourselves. How do we spend our time? How do our parents and our audience spend their time? What decisions do we take? What are the best ways to spend our time wisely? And how much time do we have left?


    Representations: 22, 23 Juni 2019 [Tischlerei]


    Director: Leonie Arnhold
    Conductor: Nina Rotner
    Set and Costume design: Ariane Leonie Stamatescu
    Dramaturgy: Tamara Schmidt
    Assistant: Paulina Ley

    With Betül Kaynar, Edgar Schumacher, Friederike Wolff, Hessam Alawuddin, Leander Chmelar, Leyla Rink, Mahdi Amiri, Mira Antonina Campo Jastrzebski, Philipp Lehnert, Senta Müller, Sofiat Ifedapo Longe


    The project is co-funded by “Zur Bühne”, the development programme of the German Theatre and Orchestra Association as part of the “Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung” initiative.
    A project of Young Opera in partnership with Nachbarschaftszentrum Divan e.V. and the Berlin Mondiale programme of Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.


  • Common Sound-Kickoff (15+)

    Common Sound mini festival (15+)

    Meet people from other cultures, make music together and be coached by big-name Arab, Persian and European artists. You’ll spend a week making music in various daytime workshops and playing, eating, jamming and chilling in the evenings. You’ll round off the week by presenting your own COMMON SOUND mini festival!
    16, 17 February 2019, 7pm [Tischlerei]


    Transcultural music project have a long tradition at the Deutsche Oper Berlin © Stephan Bögel


    If you’d like to take part, register for the kick-off workshop of the transcultural “Common Sound” youth project (age 15+) to be held on 12th and 13th January 2019.


    Who can take part?
    Young people aged 15 and over who are happy to criss-cross the boundaries between cultures, venture out of their cultural safe zone and at the end of it all stage their own mini festival. Young people with no musical knowledge or training and just as welcome as people with experience. We are looking for musicians, singers, lyric writers, youngsters interested in music and video and other creative types.


    Which languages will be spoken?
    The working language will be predominantly German, but the artists will also speak Arabic, English, Farsi, Turkish, French and other languages.


    Where and when can you register?
    To take part in the project, you must be involved in the kick-off workshop.
    Extended registration until the end of January 2019 by emailing schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de


    When are rehearsals and when will the results be presented?
    Rehearsals: 4th-10th February 2019 [Winter holidays, all day], 12th-15th February 2019 [evenings];
    Performances: 16th, 17th February 2019 [mini festival in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin]


    Who are the artists?
    İpek İpekçioğlu aka DJ Ipek [DJing], Golnar Shahyar [songs and poetry], Mischa Tangian [experimental music], Oliver Potratz [band], Muhammad Ra’fat [percussion], N. N. [video] and others.


    There is no charge for taking part in the project.

    Registration for kick-off: schmidt@deutscheoperberlin.de

  • Berlin Mondiale

    Since the opening of the current season the Deutsche Oper Berlin has been partnered by “Berlin Mondiale - Working with Refugees in the Arts”. As part of this network we are working closely with the residents of a refugee centre and co-hosting a range of projects and programmes that provide refugees with access to the musical-theatre art form and to the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

    A collaboration with Berlin Mondiale

  • Young Friends / Patrons of the Opera (15+)

    The „Junge Freunde im Förderkreis“ were founded in April 2009. The Young Friends can join other fans of the opera in order to enjoy the opera together, to get to know each other and to further the philantrophic ideas. They organize events and get-togethers in and revolving around the opera and serve as "Young Persons' Guide to the Opera".

    If you are interested, please contact Dr. Philipp Semmer
    per year € 50,–
    info@jungefreunde.org / Tel. 030-34384-240