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Ambushed from Behind: The Bat

Late-night performances to accompany the ‘proper operas’
Sun 29.04.2018 / 21:00 h / Prices: € 20,– / concs.* € 10,– / tickets / Premiere

*) All those eligible to pay reduced prices (concessions) can claim the discount rate as soon as tickets go on general sale. If purchasing online, please select the "ermäßigt" 'sale type' in the dropdown menu under the hall chart, after choosing your seat(s). Ticket purchasers eligible for discounts should bring documentary evidence of their concession status for presentation to staff authorised to verify eligibility.

The Concert Programme

With a storyline lurching from a ball for the leisured classes to a late-night party, an illicit liaison, some alcohol-fuelled forgetfulness, a hangover in prison and a rude awakening the morning after, the 3-act THE BAT is considered a model operetta. Yet is it not also the dusty relic of a bourgeois theatre for light entertainment? AMBUSHED curator Alexandra Holtsch and her host and Prince Orlofsky, Hubert Wild, Black Cracker and the ladies from Pansy and the House of Present, singers of the Ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and a number of other guest artists have only one reply to that question: NO.

Five operas and their doubles: five opera premieres on the main stage are each given the AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND treatment in the Tischlerei, taken apart, examined, discussed, pimped and put back together in revamped form. The result is a series of evenings that tread a line between musical theatre and concert, performance and installation. Artists of the Deutsche Oper Berlin ensemble come together with guest artists hailing from their own corner of the creative firmament. These ‘outsiders’ bring their own perspectives and responses to the respective opera, helping to generate a new opus within the framework of the old. Guest artists include Einstürzende Neubauten percussionist N.U. Unruh, New Yorker no-wave icon Lydia Lunch, Amnesia Scanner, the rapper and lyricist Black Cracker and directors Julia Lwowski and Franziska Kronfoth with their sensuous, anarchic opera mash-ups. Artistic director of the Ambushed format is the director, composer and musician Alexandra Holtsch.

Presented by taz.die tageszeitung and tip Berlin