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Jazz & Breakfast: Tribute to Horace Silver

Sun 07.04.2019 - 11:00 h
0,00 €

Free entrance / Brunch € 61,00 p. P. To book seats, phone 030-343 84 670. The service team of the Deutsche Oper restaurant will gladly take your reservations.

Informationen zum Werk


Tenor saxophone

Ben Kraef

Double bass

Christoph Niemann

Programme / Moderation

Sebastian Krol
Rüdiger Ruppert

About the performance

Jazz & Breakfast - a series of events hosted by Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Deutsche Oper Restaurant. The restaurant at Bismarckstraße 35 presens breakfasters with a charming blend of acoustic and gastronomic delights - a doubtless unique event in the city. Working in close collaboration with Deutsche Oper Big Band members Sebastian „Sese” Krol and Rüdiger„Rübe” Ruppert (also regular members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra), Martin Hattenbach of the rdo will be serving up five concerts in this series, entitled Jazz & Breakfast.