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Jazz & Lyrics: Be funky, be Berlin

A fusion of jazz and lyrics in the Tischlerei
Sun 14.01.2018 / 20:00 h / 15,00 - 20,00 € / tickets

*) All those eligible to pay reduced prices (concessions) can claim the discount rate as soon as tickets go on general sale. If purchasing online, please select the "ermäßigt" 'sale type' in the dropdown menu under the hall chart, after choosing your seat(s). Ticket purchasers eligible for discounts should bring documentary evidence of their concession status for presentation to staff authorised to verify eligibility.

Funk was more than just a musical sub-genre; it was an attitude that influenced art and fashion.



Matti Klein


Pat Appleton


Reinhard Krol

The Concert Programme

“Funk”: there was a time when the word referred to a bad smell and, by extension, to sleaziness. A word not spoken in polite company. Yet, as so often in its history, jazz adopted the rejected child, working on the old principle that lowly is holy, that the people at the bottom of society are the keepers of what is real, authentic and subversive. And funk and James Brown are two sides of the same coin. The history of the genre is unimaginable without the singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer and band leader. From the late 1960s onwards the “godfather of Soul” moved on from blues and gospel music to an “Africanised” form of music featuring reduced harmonies, strong rhythms, percussion solos, a walking bass line and lyrics that did not stop short of class-conscious social criticism. And on 14th January 2018 the Deutsche Oper Berlin goes dance. At the “Be funky, be Berlin” event in the Tischlerei at the rear of the opera house on Bismarckstraße the audience will have a dance floor at its disposal and funky get-ups are positively encouraged. There will be a talk on “Funk” as a feeling and attitude and singer Pat Appleton and the Funkbrothers will be grooving their way through the history of the genre, led by Matti Klein. In the words of godfather Brown: “I feel good!”

In its series of jazz events in the Tischlerei the Big Band of the Deutsche Oper Berlin presents five themed concerts featuring smaller formations of the Big Band and guests. The concerts focus on a particular subject or composer, amalgamating music and poetry. Texts, biographical information, poetry and background information on the evening’s unifying theme combine to produce a unique experience for the audience.

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