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„Ein schöner Hase ist meistens der Einzellne“

In memoriam: Michael Hirsch

The Concert Programme

The Berlin composer Michael Hirsch died quite unexpectedly on 6th February 2017, a few days after the premiere of his opera, DIDO, in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

On 5th July 2017 a concert will be held in the Tischlerei in remembrance of Michael Hirsch. Many Berlin musicians, some of whom worked closely with the composer for many years, will present a cross-section of his vocal and chamber-music pieces from the last 20 years, including first-ever performances of his “Bastard 2 (La Didone)” for piano and a section of his “Das Konvolut, Vol. 3”. The concert will be a panoramic review of Michael Hirsch’s rich and original body of work, which so often incorporated elements of theatre.

Participants include: Ensemble Maulwerker, Sonar Quartett, members of the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Anna Clementi (vocals), Renata Kemp (piano), Chico Mello (percussion, piano), Klaus Schöpp (flute), Christine Paté (accordion) and many more.

Kindly supported by Deutschlandfunk Kultur