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Musical theatre, based on Mary Shelly et al., by Gordon Kampe, Maximilian von Mayenburg and Paul Hübner

Informationen Zum Werk

World premiere of a production commissioned by the Deutsche Oper Berlin on 30th January 2018
aged 16 and over

About the performance

Mary Shelley’s second title for her Frankenstein was ‘The modern Prometheus’. He may not be stealing fire from the gods and getting punished for his pains, but Frankenstein, too, wants to be on a par with the gods: he creates life. Begun as a means of whiling away time during a visit made by Shelley to Lord Byron on the shores of Lake Geneva, the novel published - at first anonymously - in 1818 fascinated readers and artist from the start. In keeping with the Gothic Romantic style, the authoress focused, with variations, on a theme that, in the early 19th century, was not simply exercising scientists: how far should researchers be allowed to go? Like a Doctor Faustus, like Prometheus, Viktor Frankenstein seems to be overstepping the bounds of human capacity when he creates living matter out of dead flesh. It is a fascinating thought that this is the story which, a century later, captured the imagination of the first film makers. To date, there have been countless film versions, adaptations and retellings of the story. Taken together, they have made Frankenstein one of the greatest-ever phenomena in popular culture.

Director Maximilian von Mayenburg, who collected the Tischlerei Prize of the Götz Friedrich Foundation in 2015 for his staging of XERXES in Bielefeld, is bringing the material to the stage. He and his design team are transforming the Tischlerei into a laboratory - in which the audience will be in on the creation of human life and get a feel of the trials and tribulations of both creator and monster against an atmospheric backdrop of musical shards and sound effects.

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